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    1. you can die of Alzheimer's due to forgetting how to breathe , swallow , etc.
    2. Jeanna Giese was only one in history to survive rabies without vaccination
    3. Dogs love squeaky toys because the sound of the toy sounds to them like a tiny animal being killed
    4. if your eyes weren't immune to immunity your immunity system would destroy the insides of your eyes
      5.Dr. Seuss's wife killed herself because Dr. Seuss was having an affair while she had cancer
      6 . older people have much more chances of commiting suicide
      7 . thanks to facebook people in future will be able to track your pictures , even those who were in background , those who you don't want anyone to see
      8 . more U.S soldiers die because of suicide than combat
      9 . the smell that mowing your lawn does is actually the grass crying for help
      10 . all rodents will eat their children if they're stressed
      11 . around 40% of food produced is thrown out , nothing will happen to it , and people starve , while you throw perfectly good food out

    alright that's all and i finally made a decent post after like 2 months

  • @jessicagrant You have some interesting points in there Ms.
    Thanks, was a nice read leaving lots of food for thought (pardon the pun ref-no.11)

  • @jessicagrant And on top of the fact mentioned under 11., there is only 2,5% fresh, clean water on Earth and its reserves are becoming smaller every decade or even faster.

  • @what-is-this that's true , i didn't think of that ,

  • Grass fact was really interesting

  • This is so interesting...i dozed off while reading this.