Help me solve my social problems cause im too weird to fix them!

  • So I cant keep a conversation going without it going south in the first minute and I don't know why! Its so frustrating to me and I tried so hard not to make it really awkward. So my question is how do I talk to someone? is there a certain procedure to follow or a certain mindset to keep? i read thousands of articles on how normal people are but I cannot find it in me to understand what is considered weird or not. Maybe due to the fact that I am weird and i do have a few screws loose in me. (I...really don't know how to fix myself..)I also don't get along with anyone at all unless its a older person :laughing: so can someone help me?

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  • Stop trying to fix yourself. You cant get along with everyone. Those who judge and cant accept, can go f them selves.

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    Well, depending on for real or for hear... there are a few ideas that may help. End of the day many people feel socially awkward... so you wouldn't be the first by a long shot... Shall we look at real life first? .. Cool
    not knowing your age does not help the advice so I must generalise

    Real life is about gauging people... If the conversation is about day to day things like work, or the weather .... then keep in those lines. Maybe investigate to the kinds of films or music that the person you are speaking to might be keen on. It's not easy, but try to keep things simple.
    If someone is talking about the weather, do not change the topic to how bad you dog had bowl problems. (this is an example of random topic change, it may include any number of out there changes to the conversation)

    As @99mBD says, in here it is a good idea to be random about your conversation... Things like movies, location, music, general interests... ie: standard topics that all are open to
    For this site, a good way to start a conversation is to post a topic about something people might be interested in... or to pose a question (for example - You have a choice of Chicken or Beef to eat for the rest of your life, what would you chose?)
    Talking with someone about how there day has been and then hittin them with, "Can I get some noods" is not a good idea. Also online, unless you are (real world) preoccupied try to reply reasonably quick. This stops people from thinking you are not interested in chatting.
    Another bad idea is to post topics expressing that you are here to chat people up.
    Some may respond, but you dont get a chance to get to know them, which can lead to all sorts of bad :/

    Bottom line, I have no clue which world you are making reference to, so I have just made some basic advice... This comes from someone that has been around the block a few times lol.
    If you need help, hmu... no need to follow :)
    ps. hope this has helped a little