• theres this person who goes to school with me and my friends. he keeps pretending to be other boys from my classes, and he knows all my classes and friends. im not sure who it is, and he keeps pretending to be someone else. do u have any suggestions on how to find out who he is?

  • @Angelina-Silverstein Start with process of elimination. Who HAVEN'T they pretended to be?

    I'm assuming they are pretending online? Are there any other people you know who have similar login times you can watch for so you know they're active at roughly the same time ergo it could be them, but who is never online at precisely the same time?

    Could it be a dodgy teacher or other adult? Is there anything in the messages to indicate who it is, clues of some kind.

    Bottom line is if it's bothering you take it to your form tutor or equivalent, look at getting the police involved. Harassment is not okay.

  • Its your girlfriend/s or a frenemy perhaps. A group of boys will not find any pleasure in sneering and sniggling behind your back. Not a teacher for sure - am i correct in presuming this person is always making reference to the particularities of the class to prove their presence there? This is why you say the messages are from different classes and from different people but you think its the same person because the narrative is always the same. Its all lies to to lead you astray. Which one of your girlfriends friends shows particular interest in this situation? Who has been subtly influencing you to believe the lie either by listening or by advising? Pretty Little Liars

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