• I have always loved dancing. It’s as if I feel free when I dance. I started dancing when I was a kid and continued until I was in high school and up to my early college years. I joined competitions locally and I was happy whether I win or lose. As much as I love dancing, I had to stop. I got into an accident few months ago that cost me my passion. My friends and I were on our way to a Ukraine ski trip when the accident happened. Everything happened in a blur and I just knew that our car had crashed and I woke up being paralyzed down. I don’t know how I should live my life right now. I have been undergoing therapy for a year and a half now but I’m only improving at a minimal rate. The doctors tell me that I may never walk again. I’m struggling to find a reason to live because I see how much everyone else is affected with my current situation and it breaks me more seeing them suffering because of me.

  • @amycampbell24 I can't imagine what you and the people around you are going through. But don't despair, what happened to you can't be fixed, but you still can dance maybe not with your legs, but with your upper body, maybe. :)
    You can still be useful in life, sure you'll suffer more than others, but at least you're living.

  • @amycampbell24 You still on?

  • @amycampbell24 I'm not the best person to give you any advice, but i want you to tell you this, there are cases where ppl get healed with regular exercises and stuff. I know such an example, this person had a paralysis attack few years ago but with the help of trainer he's able to walk agian. We've seen him walk everyday, at 1st he needed cane n had difficulty walking but now he walks like a normal person. He could have given up but he didn't. He had a great will power.
    I dunno how much damage the accident has caused your body but i don't want you to lose hope. Your will to go on might make some miracle for u, you never know, you might walk again.
    As for the suffering of others, they love you and they'll do anything they can for u. I know how you must feel. Get all the help you can for now, concentrate on healing. You can think about other things later.

  • @amycampbell24

    1st of all I'm sorry for what is going on with you. I can't fully grasp how you must feel but I know what I feel when I'm injured or sick and can't workout.
    Working out/dancing is an escape from reality for some ppl. It is what keeps us sane and under control and that's why it gives us happy feelings and satisfaction.
    All I can say is that you should not give up. At least you are alive. I know that there will be times you wished you weren't but you are and you only have one life. We aren't kitties after all so gotta live it the best way we can. Since yours didn't end abruptly might as well see what life can being to you.
    Focus on your healing and in getting better. Did the doctors made any real judgment or they didn't disclosure it?
    As for ppl that are suffering for you I can relate, the worst thing for me is seeing ppl suffer cuz of me. But they love you and care for you and they will bounce back if you also manage to. I wish you the very best And don't ever give up!

  • @amycampbell24 I'm sorry to hear for the incident that has changed your life. Sadly these things happen and our often out of our control.
    Being someone that has had a major life changing incident in the past, to a degree I can understand where you are coming from. My circumstance left me like a leaper, on the street with no one to speak to and nowhere to go. As a result I spent a substantial time going through a very similar thought process as to what you are currently facing.
    I know this may not be the most constructive of idea's, but all you can do is take each day as it comes. There have been countless numbers of people that have been in a situation where the medical professionals have said that this is as good as it gets. The thing is **if you keep trying, persevere and continue to keep up with the therapy and the trying things you must go through then you have a real good chance to succeed. I'm not saying it will be easy, or that it will be a quick process... but I am sure that if you continue things will (however long it takes) someday get better.
    I wish you all the best in your recovery and hope that one day you manage to dance once more.

  • I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you and your friends. Well, talking about losing the fire within us , it is really hard. It makes us feel so numb, hopeless to some extent and depress. Embrace and reflect what is happening, I must say you should be thankful for the second life given to you. Never lose hope and believe in miracles.. :) Everything will be fine, this is just a test of your faith, hope and determination. Everything happens for a reason and that experience is trying to tell or teach you something. Keep healing and smiling! :)

  • Hey guys, don't be sorry. I'm alright. Someday I will be able to accept this situation and embrace life again like before. Thank you for your advises. I'm still working hard on my therapy because I wanna walk again. When I will be capable to move a lot, I will figure out how to continue my passion in dancing. I know it will never be easy like how I used to dance before but I will find a way. Thank you guys so much!

  • my feelings to your hard time i hope you get online again to see if what i say can help you Life is many many different things with random events good and bad we never know are coming but when ones such as yours do it is hard to cope and gain a control over your emotions but with that whats done is done not being rude just saying we cant go back in time so only today matters and how to make it a positive one with many more to follow is to in your mind feed yourself only good things positive thoughts and knowing of the goal you will achieve one day because your mind either conscience.sub or unconscience is were health and healing will be best utilized for your brain can do wonders if you work with stay positive if you have loved one your are worried about them being affected by your current situation know that they are not mad or think you have become a burdon to them not at all waht your seeing is their pain and self frusturation for not being able to help the one they love get to were they want to be you have to assure them not to be sad or frusturated and to keep positive thoughts of your goal and to take alllnegativity and do away with it because a collective set of positive minds work with one another for the law of attraction will seek out what you are telling it to if you listen or think badly or as the doctors sayy you may never walk again thats bull they dont you and western medicine is to prescribe and addictive drug that will mask the problem but keep you spending more time and money in a brutal evil market souly in it for profit now dont get me wrong their are doctors tjat are truly life savers and good people but many arent please dont take their advice without more opinion all in all know what you will do again one day and you will if you can keep the bad energy away because bad energy is a destroyer of all good things when you do this things will fall in order i really do and without a doubt you will dance again and looking back will make your ability to dance that much more enjoyable your just on a vacation and forgot your dance shoes we can say and you will be home soon! I look forward to better days for you and your family and friends and a side note i tell myself sometimes when i feel negativity creeping on me is it can always be worse someone somewere is in a very bad situation and its now me although i feel for that person im happy with my situation that just got better from the thought.......