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    so lets talk about the topic nobody has brought up yet
    by this im not saying english is hard but it makes 0 sense >:[

    for example: water / cater [doesnt rhyme both end with ater] but cater and traitor does and so does water and slaughter

    now slaugher is pronounced [slor-ter]
    and if you remove S you get laughter [laf-ter]
    how does f appear for some damn reason

    i would appriciate your thoughts in the replies :3

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    @99mbd ikr , but english is still really confusing atleast for the kids tryna learn it i would say alot about alphabeth but i would really just be complaining about the same thing about how many people did aleready

  • nah, that shit happens in every language, just sometimes new words are borrowed from other cultures, for example through trade or art and they don't have a lot of sense in the end, just their meaning. For example, in Russian we have sencente: "Ya lublu tebya" witch means: "I love you", but if you remove "l" in the second word, it will sound like "I will kill you". So, that's ok for every language.

  • Let's start with the basics first, which are not really related to english-these are universal rules.

    1. A sentence starts with uppercase(yeah, the CAPSLOCK button/holding the SHIFT key has, indeed, a purpose!).
    2. Comma spacing. There's no space between the first word and the comma and one between the comma and the following word; exempli gratia: "word, word".
    3. An interrogative sentence ends with a question mark("?")-unless it's a rhetorical one, which could be either an exclamation mark/a mere period/question mark.

    Now, that we got that right, let's get to the next level.
    English had multiple forms from its beginning till now: Old English, Middle English and (early)Modern English. Keep in mind that these forms had more letters(runes) than the current one(that results in the replacing of, let's say, two different runes with a single letter, hence the existence of homographs.

  • @icbwiwtbuytmio slow down i didnt say english is hard , it's fucking easy , but lets be honest , its confusing sometimes , stop beign such a perfectionist jeez

  • @jessicagrant what is engrish?🙄🙄😩😩

  • BELIEVE- there is a word LIE in the word BELIEVE, are you still going to believe? :)

  • @jimmy1708 said in english , do you speak it?:

    @jessicagrant what is engrish?🙄🙄😩😩

    isn't engrish what scooby doo speaks hehehe :thinking_face:

  • @jessicagrant Wow I like your topic today. So I must contact to you next time to improve Eng more

  • @jessicagrant please, if people find English is hard then they should try French. Our grammar rules make no sense and for every rule you got about 30 exceptions you just know. Plus we give fucking genders to every noun and the only way you can know if it is "une pomme" or "un pomme" is basically to know it all by heart!
    French is my first language and I actually found it a lot harder as a kid to learn than English
    goes to show it can always be worse 😆

  • @wtfjudith I aleready mention by this i dont mean english hard , english is fucking easy

  • @Free_WtfJudith believe me German is harder tho. You have 3 differences for all items, feminim (die), masculine (der) and neutral (das) even for the death or unmoved stuff. Then you have to make a differences for those words between Ms. Mrs also Miss 😂 damn girl aint that harder than French?

    Btw, teach me French so it will be easier for me to understand your mother tounge language ;)