What do these English expressions mean?

  • 1.Pretty is as pretty does.
    2.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    3.Beauty is only skin deep.
    4.What you see is what you get.

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    Now im just guessing here but I think
    1.what people do makes them pretty not their apperance.

    2.Beauty doesnt have any strict form its up to the person to decide what they find to be beautiful or not

    3.Just because a person is beautiful doesnt mean their character and who they are is beautiful

    4.Literally what you see in front of you is what your getting nothing else lol

  • 1.how much you try to become pretty that is how much pretty you are-basically its like u reap what you sow
    2.beauty depends on the person to person..what one finds as beautiful might not be a beautiful thing or trait to another.
    3.beauty of a person doesn't tell you about how good he/she is..
    4.if u have your eyes only on the negatives then that's what you are going to be surrounded with..only when you try to see the good..u can see the goodness around you

    I don't think the explanation to the first one I wrote is correct.

    • That you should judge people by the way they behave, not by their appearance.

    • We discussed this topic at large in this post.

    • Pretty much the same thing as the first one.

    • I don't know what this supposed to mean I think its a slang for something.

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    I use number 4 at work a lot. Don't expect a hidden meaning or a hidden feature or anything more than what is obvious and in plain sight. In application to a person however... If someone is acting like a jerk...sometimes they're just a jerk.

  • @ragnar-lothbrok
    1- Considering nothing else, Acting pretty is the main factor which make some one look pretty.
    2- If ur supposed to see thee beauty in some thing, U will see it. even if there's something there which is bothering for every one else.
    3- I guess it says Seek for beauty in inside, pretty much like the Famous phrase " Outside doesn't judge Inside"
    4- I can assume 2 meanings for this one cuz i saw the 2 of em in my talks:
    • I will refer this one to a dialog from a movie : "People are living by their actions"
    simply it says, We all are living with the reflection of what we did in past and the consequences of our previous actions.
    • Or we can easily say that U will get what is completely in front of u and obvious, no further imagination for that.
    These are only my own opinions so no judgement involved.