Stop! In The Name Of Love - Hollies

  • "Stop In The Name Of Love"

    Oh baby I'm aware
    Of where you go
    Each time you leave my door
    Watching you walking down the street
    Knowing there's another guy you meet
    This time before you run to him
    Leaving me alone again

    Think it over
    Haven't I been good to you babe
    Think it over

    Stop in the name of love
    Before you break my heart
    Stop in the name of love
    Before you tear it apart

    I'm trying hard
    Hard to be patient
    Wish you'd stop
    This infatuation
    But each time I think of you together
    I see myself losing you forever
    This time before you leave my heart
    And rush back into his arms

    [Verse 2]

    Haven't I been sweet to you baby

    [Chorus 3x]

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