Some people are just inherently evil, do you agree?

  • @potatoespotatoes Of course I get your point, you seem to know too much for a non-human.

    No act is inherently evil or good either, nothing is, morality is subjective, wickedness is too and pleasure too, none objective
    Your evil might be his good, but at the end, nothing is really evil or good, evil and good don't really exist, ask an atom what it thinks good and evil are, you get my point

    Morality is, indeed, subjective, but let's say that we are talking about the most accepted form of morality( by the majority). One simple example? "Innocent prisoners shall be freed". Being inherently evil/good according to the morality of which the majority set the bounds is possible, but even that is quite rare.

  • @potatoespotatoes Mind elaborating why there has to be a given subjective value to the maxim? In my eyes, judging someone as being either guilty or innocent is totally objective.

  • @wet-teri Psychopaths don't necessarily take pleasure in being evil, they just don't feel empathy for other people and therefore don't mind hurting others for their own gain. Also, it's interesting to note that about 1% of the population are psychopaths, but about 4% of leaders and CEOs of companies are psychopaths according to Jon Ronson. They can be very dangerous, but also very charming and you often don't suspect that there is something wrong with them, because they are better at lying.

  • Soul Searchers

    If you want a glimpse at the latest truly evil thing I have run across check out the documentary called Thrive. It's on youtube. It makes me so angry. But I believe the only way it can be stopped is for everyone to possess the knowledge of it's existence.

  • @eerie-resonance
    these sort of people are very unsatisfied inside - feel sorry for them

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