one or the most evil user in talkwithstrangers

  • who do you guys think is pretty evil in this chat

  • Soul Searchers

    Define evil please. Are we talking a annoyance you can't shut down. .paper-cut type. Or the don't care what you say, everyone is out to get me in the paper-cut rubbed with lemon juice and rocksalt?

  • Soul Searchers

    lmao!! first of all what mortal who was not a prophet chosen by God himself could even know such a thing? Even then why would you be so inclined to figure who was most evil? Also for all I know I am the most evil person here. I hear voices in my head, see strange visions that would make a maggot vomit, but with the possibility of outside forces that hate mankind especially the ones who are more aware of spiritual realms being involved does that make me the bad guy? Only God knows, either way I think you should focus on the best person who ever lived and that title belongs to Jesus. God bless

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