• @morf i want her to send me a letter of apology in 5.000 words how about her mistakes (at least in 2000 words), what she should act as a mod and why we should vote for her. Hence, everybody will notice it and i promise i will support her.

  • @morf no no, A PUBLIC APOLOGY LETTER or should i say it in German?

    Look, @Global-Moderators this public relation officer moreover irresponsible for this stuff by saying that it is my personal hard feeling 😏

    smh, how irresponsible human being

    I am waiting those letter on next 3 days.
    @ODIN dude, you and i gonna have a talk about this stuff. Remember the time when i said "we cant do harassment publicly or cyber bullies?" i will bring this case to you and discuss further things to AVOID SOMEONE SAID HARASSMENT IN VERY SMOOTH WAY 🙂

    Many thanks
    Kind Regards

    Aput Zulhamsyah

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    I want Bela to be a mod because
    alt text

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    @sunshinef oooh YAS YAS YASSSS, she has my support all the way 😄 #VOTING4BELA

  • tws gay club but no homo Freedom Writers

    @bela I love how you do not take offense to any of my words I really do respect how strong of a woman you are the only issue I can see out of all the good traits you have is that your very high on your ego(it’s not bad) the last question I have is can you learn from your mistakes rather then denying you were wrong(not saying you’ve done that at all I’m aure your just as amazing here as everywhere’s else) but I find with dealing with some people here it’s better not to be high on ego so that they also feel equal to you rather then beneath you. I love your enthusiasm and your feelings about being a mod I really do and as of now I see how you point out a negative comment and say you can take it and I appreciate you giving me an example but I believe you are strong and can handle yourself well I respect how you handled this whole situation and I hope you are as well as how you word your responses! Good luck!😁

  • Global Moderator

    @liliputian thank you so much kabayan,hope I will be given a chance coz i Love too be a mod..
    Yes your right #mabuhayPilipinas kong mahal

  • Global Veteran

    @therisingsun Yes I am Ready..anyway your cookies are served everyday pet,just be a great tws user and i am fine..

    @bela Once you become a mod, you will be my and all other users' pet. You'll have to clean up the TWS house while we run around and play yay yay hey 😎

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    @therisingsun To my pet(e)You know what is (e) if i become a mod you are free to play the mess uhmmm but still I know u wont I will leave cookies at the table to satisfy your need..Cookies consumption available till dec2018,dont worry you wont experience shortage.. Enjoy my monsterously pet(e)..

    @bela 😏
    cookie monster

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  • tws gay club but no homo Freedom Writers

    @azriel Ik but if she were to be mod material she wouldn’t call users names such as “drama king” we are suppose to be responsible😁😄

  • @vampire_queen said in CAMPAIGNING BELA FOR MODERATOR:

    @azriel Ik but if she were to be mod material she wouldn’t call users names such as “drama king” we are suppose to be responsible😁😄

    She'll learn from that now that you pointed it out.

    P.S. Thank Ghawd you're not mad. 😂😂😂

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    @sunshinef Go girl rock!!! #RISE BELA 😄

  • Soul Searchers Movie Buff Music Lovers Gamers

    @sunshinef Hie Sunshinef I don't know you but a small suggestion to u as we are campaigning for @Bela let's use a hashtag for every post here i.e #RISE BELA .Even people replying the post use it ! I used it ! Peace! ✌😉

  • @sunshinef I dont know her cuz i am new but i see many votes yes for her it means she can be a good moderator. Wish the admin will notice her.

  • -deleted-

  • @jeshua thank you

  • -deleted-

  • Global Moderator

    @bucky-2-0 what change? Mod or not mod its still me..all of us and everybody else can make revive this site if we take part of it as a users..

  • @bucky-2-0 said in CAMPAIGNING BELA FOR MODERATOR:

    @sunshinef Lol, that many about 250 tags, but I am searching still my name😉😉😉.

    So, We want @Bela for Change.

    Sorry Bucky, I forgot, plus I didn't know if I could find you or not, you were changing your names a lot one day. Completely my fault. Sorry bud.


    @therisingsun lol. Funny of you 😏 see my comments below to azriel and all of member here. I personally wanna say something to you, uncle, she does not deserve a global mods because she is not a good person and she has to look at the mirror about it.
    @Azriel What? I wanna say i should not give her a second chance in that time like forgiving her and be friends with her. She even does not deserve it. You said because i said something in her posts means i tried to be back as a friend so it should not be a biggy trouble anymore? NOPE! I am watching her, WHO ELSE WILL GET HURTED AFTER ME AND WHO ELSE WILL GET MORE HARASSMENT FROM HER she never changed aftersince that time. Three things make me really mad with her.

    1. She harassed my jobs
    2. She hurted my fella @Rendezvous
    3. She never admitted her fault, she never changed to learn, she even does not know how to be friends with others.

    Based on her answers below in order to respond @vampire_queen posts, cant you see who she is, man? Is there any global mods here who behave like her? Saying that SHE NEVER HAD A FAULT, SHE DID NOT MAKE ANY MISTAKES AFTER JUDGING SOMEONE, SHE EVEN DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO SAY APOLOGY lol. I dont care with her past life or whatever happens in her life but from that sentences, cant you feel she is so stubborn, irresponsible human being, very judging, easily hurted someone by words moreover she does not know how to say a good words? So will you still say she deserves a global mods? Lol. Funny of you, i wont defend someone who is wrong, i rather keep silent in that time or sneak out to see another topics. Let separate your leadership side and the way you see her as your good friends, will you trust her to keep your account save after all and fully understand her as a global mods after all of her respond here? Re-read all of her answers, feel it. You will get what i mean. No hard feeling with this and we are cool. I let out all of my mind speak out and say what i really want to say with you. She is not good enough to be a global mods, it is what i said. I wont say she is wrong if she is not. I am not a person who will take a side because someone is my friend so i support that person, i am kinda objective with whatever that person did in here even you.

    Dear @alive_wtfjudith

    I know you are holding up your feeling again 😏 you dont have to answer any of this, i know what you will say after all, but this will be a strong statement from me. I would quit this site asap after she came up to be a global mods. This is a good reason for me to out from this hella lovely site who introduced me to my favorite girl ever, a blue eyes Canadian girl who speak le français and leave her soul in school so she cant do math well but she is good at drawing. A girl who never admitted that she is beautiful the way she is because she thinks she is not, a stubborn girl ever with her sentences that i dont deserve your love 😂. This site would never be the same again after all. I wont feel saved again like the first time. I never feel comfortable enough to be exist in here. I wont feel myself as myself anymore and I dont want to see my respected fellas getting hurt again after all. Like all things i said to you in DM and babe if i have to choose someone as a global mods, i prefer to recommend @Mr-H @im.a.bae or @heyitszoey . Why? Because i know they are good person and it is not because they are my friends. The way they treat others and the way they behave to they friends are awesome. This @heyitszoey said something to me today, "instead of choosing to be a global mods and have a few friends, i prefer to have many friends in here as a user because i love my friends". Atm, i am lost my words. Global mods should value the all members in here as their friends (you ever talked to me about it but i forget when), and this zoey has it. So, she is just a good friend of mine, babe. Remember the time i shared you that i was really mad to Bela and you distracted me to not feel it more, to be with others and join the fame, then i forgot it, i really wanna say thank you 🙂 dang rn i really want to be on her side and do cuddling with her because i am clinging anger like i really want to punch someone face's

    Dear @willow

    Do me a favor, read along to this long ass topic and get the fact. First, i wanna say, you really have an awesome girl here @vampire_queen as your bestie. You should be friends with her for a long time even if she is just your virtual friends. Why? She always be there for you, she aware of your stuff, your problems and everything about you, she defend you if someone hurting you. You really get a good girl friend here. When i say this statement to you, it means i am ready to quit asap from this site because some hella people here is so hypocrite and they do not know (or pretend to close their eyes) about her past sins. I dont want to see more drama after @ObvioulyLucifer drama in the past. It created such a hard feeling for me when i barely knew him when i was first joiner and that story happened. Then i wanna say, if you have another problem with someone, i dont want to take a part but if you dont want to give someone second chance because of your reasons, i will support you. See this bela to me? That is just an example from a bunch of strangers in here. However, do not let your problem influence you to be a respected global mods here. Put aside your anger when you have to coordinate with that person as a team, let the rest thing follow and the time ticking to decide either that person is a good person with the mistakes or an asshole who does not deserve it even when you gave that person chances.

    That's all my explanations. dang. it is 3 am in here and i just wake up and i get my vertigo after i see comments below, then they support someone who should not be a mods wants to be mods but she is not a good person and i am kinda eerrrr right now

    P.S. You all need to calm your boobies.

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