• I am a foreign businessman and I love to invest on different corporate dealings. Last week, I flew to USA to discuss business matters with my sister-in-law. She introduced me to few American women who will become my business personnel for the new clothing line that we’ll be opening. They amazed me a lot as they handle things professionally and know the possible ups and downs of the corporate world. That created an interest within me to meet and date a responsible American woman perhaps these days. I invest in business dealings as well as in emotional matters if and only if things are serious. I’ve heard of side stories that many American women tend to fool around in relationships; however, one size doesn’t fit all and I know that what is true to many may not be true to all. I am still looking forward to meet that loving lady among all single women from USA.

  • Hello everyone here I wanna ask an advice about this things..please help!!!

  • We do have opposite ideal women @business2018, I personally like Asian women because of their beauty and values in life. There are great women in the USA, you just have to know them well because they are empowered and career- driven women.

  • @business2018 Actually, for me, it doesn't have to do with the race or where that certain person came from. All you have to do is be careful enough to choose. Yes, a lot of people say that you cannot find a good woman in the USA these days but who knows right? Everyone has it's own preference. Just know what you are really looking for for a woman.

  • be careful in choosing. make sure you choose the best and the right one.

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