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    I am tired of trying to live in the moment but constantly worrying about the future. And constantly trying to escape demons of the past.
    I am tired of being totally and completely known, yet feeling so invisible. Am I even there? Am I relevant? Or am I just a distant memory, an irrelevant waste of oxygen?
    I am tired of trying to be my best, when in the end I accomplish nothing. I can type thousands of words. Thousands of thoughts, stories, emotions, advice, but not reaching the people that need to hear me. Not being noticed no matter how hard I try.
    I am tired of trying to fix things alone. I am tired of keeping all these emotions caged behind a fake smile. When all I want to do is curl in a ball, scream to the sky, when I just want to be the one given the advice, not giving it.
    I am tired of friends who just. Dont. Get. It. For you, texting every two weeks may be enough. Texting only when you have a problem may seem fair, but it is not. Do not call me your friend, when you do not even know me. Dont be mistaken, we are acquaintances, not friends.
    I am tired of free time. The vacation I so desperately desired during school is now here. Instead of being happy, i spend it mourning little things, overthinking too much, pushing my mind over the edge.
    I am tired of trying to do my “job”. So sorry if following the rules is too hard for you and I have to ban you. Almost like...what Im supposed to do, wow. Grow the fuck up.
    I am tired of trying to hold my family together, when I myself am ready to crack. They leave. They get too sad and I cant pull them out. I cant tell them that death isnt the right answer when I myself believe it is the easiest option. But I cannot lose them all the same.
    I am tired of the conflicting thoughts and emotions. One minute wanting needing someone, but then wanting to be left alone. At one point loving the attention but trying to lurk in the shadows

  • Same feeling 😟😟

    I have mentioned this on my cover pic

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  • "a random 'strength' quote that wont help you"

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  • Life just hits hard just when you think you got all together especially having depression and anxiety at the same time

  • @real-crimsxn some deadly mosquitoes you have there :scream:

  • @sup I’m guessing the mosquitoes carried a razor :((

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  • @willow

    We've talked countless of times about this and you know I'll never leave your ass alone. Life's a bitch, life ain't easy but it's not supposed to be easy, otherwise it would get fucking boring.
    We are only humans, we overthink, we feel, we get depressed, we get cheerful, we have problems. It's not like you are the problem, everyone deals with pain their own way, some have it easier, some have it harder.

    Just keep pressing forward, surround yourself of the ones that matter and don't bother with the ones that are dead weight. It's ok to be tired sometimes if you never let go, things will be fine.

    wuv you girl!

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    I am tired of