• Should I chose a man over my 4 year friendship? He is everything I've ever asked for and more. He makes me feel like I have a life to commit to and a purpose to fulfill. My friend also wants him in her life too even though he's mine. She is great and all, but she's super entitled and egocentric. What should I do?

  • Alright coming from my point of view of things friends come and go but boys are scums anyway there are plenty of guys that want you to be the one girl in their life in life tou will have puppy love and real love your four year friendship is HELLA important but fuck her/him because if they know that you are flirting with a guy and suddenly they want him to fuck them go for the guy

  • @ashleyj that's what my best friend told me when i was in that situation so passing the message on

  • @cutie-autie couldn’t have said it better

  • @cutie-autie well you and your friend are great at advice

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