• @mr-pool I couldn't agree with you more.

  • Exactly. Religion is a tool to control the masses.

  • @meagain i believe he is impartial because human beings have logical thinking. They can think for themselves. Do you not want him to be? Suppose hi isn't and controlled our action and only made us do good. Even if that endee wars, u would still not be left with the power of reason/choice.

  • @meagain @CanadaDry when i pray i don't imagine a form. I believe i am asking for help, from a friend. He has never disappointed me till now.

  • @mr-pool Just want to clarify, if I may. You say you're not Christian yet you believe in God. So what religion are you attached to?

  • @mr-pool And what happened now?

  • @canadadry none. I believe in doing good and helping my fellow human beings. If a person requires religion to do good/justify his actions, he Isn't a good person in my eyes. I dnt need religion to do the right thing.

  • @mr-pool That is the idea of a God isnt it?
    Make human beings believe that there is a god above us all and has the wisdom we don't have. And therefore fear God.
    But it can never work...there will always be people who do bad things. Even more worse, good God fearing citizens who raped and murdered ,

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  • @mr-pool It's called spirituality. I to am a spiritual person. When I "pray" I don't do so to any one...being.

    My analogy and remember all analogies eventually break down....

    The cells in my brain don't know each other from....Adam. But when the all act together, even unconsciously, at the cellular level, look what humans can accomplish...good and bad.

  • @meagain Ciao. Good chat everybody. I gotta rock too.

  • @canadadry people believe in god so that they can hide behind him. God made me do this, It was god's will, they teach their children about god so that they dnt turn into assholes, that they remain scared, that someone is watching them, judging them. And it still fails. There are serial killer who are religious. If you need god to be scared into doing the right thing, then maybe you are an asshole.

  • @meagain read my last reply.

  • @mr-pool Well spoken!

    To be Continued...

  • @canadadry good for you. I dnt knw if there is one right way. I used to worship the sun as a kid. Now i dnt need an object/idol. I dnt knw if god created us. I was taught the difference between good and bad by my parents. I believed god to be impartial because i consider it a positive trait. Even when i know this difference i fail sometimes. So i believe that if there is a god, he doesn't.

  • @canadadry our thinking power is limited---we can not find out everything just by this limited mind---for example u can not say the inside of one black covered box--
    Just u can guess it and for finding the exact answer u should think alot about it and finally u get crazy!
    Just if someone say to you that there is for example one piece of cake in it-u should trust it because its the best way that dont bother u-----
    God is like that----u can not say that there is no god when thousands of prophets bring us books and reasons that there is god-

  • @meagain my friend--physicists say that there is dark matter in space-
    Dark matter has mass-
    Then there is something in space-!
    Also there are lots of interactions in space like Collison of stars and,,,
    Then how u can say there is nothing in space-

  • I have a friend so I call him up and am like wassup,,,he thinks it’s the matrix. Like for sure. Diddledy potatoes for sure. I think it’s Jesus. Neither of us are sure who’s in control. But we agree it’s about what’s on the inside reflecting in the outside world. We had some mad esp moments though.

  • @mamababa12 GOD is a word in English, was given to one and only universal super natural power, we also call it creator, and universe was created by itself... So either you call it God or creator or universe is the same...
    Unfortunately humans decide to just read and argue with others over so called religions, some says Christianity is better and some says Islam.. But none want to understand that universe was created by itself not by humans, human being is species not gods

    You are not here to argue over who's God and if exists, you are here to live and your duty/religion is to how to live.. If you know teach others.. If don't learn from others

  • @vahid-0
    you dont know, any more than anyone else knows ....
    its allllllll stuff and nonsense, invented, dreamt up, and spat out to those who were daft enough to regurgitate it towards more daft people .....
    accept it and enjoy your limited time alive .... NOBODY KNOWS