• I have this serious relationship with an gorgeous woman I met in a Latin America singles club. Our relationship has lasted for more than two years already and in those years, we pretty much know everything that has to do with each other. We also have access to each other’s phones and social media accounts. She knows every single text I receive as well as every message I receive on any of my social media accounts. Due to the trust that we have built over the years, I never really bothered checking her phone or her social media accounts for quite some time now. Just recently, I have noticed how she has kept her phone with her all the time. The other day, she left her phone on the kitchen table while she’s in the comfort room. I tried checking her phone but as I opened it, it immediately asked for a password. We both have had no passwords to unlock our phones before. I had to shrug it off knowing I’ve trusted her for more than two years. I could have gone doing that until last night that I had to access one of her social media accounts to retrieve some files. A message from a guy popped up and I’ve read how they exchanged flirty messages with each other and how they even have the time to meet up more than thrice these past two weeks. She hasn’t told me anything about this. Should I still trust her with this at hand?

  • @indoubtbf The best thing you should do is confront her. Ask her why everything has changed? Maybe you became too comfortable with each other that you miss to give her the spice in the relationship. If she ain't feeling the thrill and excitement in you, I'm sure she's gonna find another man. But you shouldn't conclude everything yet unless you heard her side of the story.


  • Movie Buff

    @indoubtbf if I were you, I would dump her or you want to fix the relationship and
    have an argument about her texts. tell her your feelings and wanted to love her forever.

  • @indoubtbf ask her about what you had read. ask her why she did that if there's something to that person. try to figure it out.

  • can she trust you after what youve done ????

    you are both entitled to password your gadgets, and some will say you are both daft not to.
    ask her if her trust in you has change cos you can no longer have access to her phone. she may offer you the password. Or she may say you're crowding her.
    you could password your own phone and see how long it takes for her to comment.
    Maybe you just need to realise you aren't the papacita you thought you were.

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