• you are going to be loved perfectly,even with all your flaws.
    Your hapiness wont be defined by them but, they sure are going to add glow to your life.
    They are going to add a little rainbow to your dark skies.
    You are going to have someone to hold during rainy days.
    You are going to go on those amazing dates you fantasize about,, with the one who loves you unconditionally.
    You'd be amazed at how they'll laugh uncontrollably at your inner jokes,,Those ones the other's considered lame.
    Your perks, flaws, scars, will not be bashed by them.
    You will be all they've searched for their entire life.
    You are going to be genuinely happy with that someone.
    They won't leave you irrespective of whatever happens because they know they're the luckiest to even have you.
    You will stare at them, squeak from the inside, have butterflies running around your stomach, and just smile 😊.
    You will love them and they'll love you even more.
    At this point, you'll come to realize that the heaven's made this one for you, and only you.

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    they sure are going to add glow to your life

    Well....glowsticks do the same thing. Is glowsticks my one true love?
    crystal ball

  • @willoww umm mybe 🤔🤔

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    @ragnar i knew it all along
    Oh yeh I almost forgot in all my smartass-ness
    Great post mah dude

  • @willoww its just motivational words lmao. Thanks thou

  • It really is <3


  • perfect

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    @ragnar 😊😁

  • @im-a-bae 😎😎