• I’m excited! In two months time, I’ll be tying the knot with my long-term boyfriend. Just last week, he proposed to me in a very exciting way. He did it by arranging a mob proposal in one of the biggest shopping mall in the city. That was really epic! I was surprised with his effort and that made me love him more. Now, he wants me to think about the best theme for our wedding. I searched for some in the internet, even read articles in the marriage tours I saw. Please tell me. I need your suggestions!

  • I find that the theme from 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' usually works perfectly.

  • I know its not the most popular one but have you considered the Red Wedding theme?

    Since you have already spent a shit ton of money on your "Foreign Tours" you can save a lot of money by hiring assassins to double time as musicians.

    If you kill the guests a bit soon you can even save on the food.

    Think of all the money you will save when you want to host a party next time and you know no one will show up because all of the people you know will be dead.

    You should really give this a serious thought.

  • Movie Buff

    @happygf26 I think you should do a theme based on what your fiancé and yourself like. I think doing your own wedding theme is more unique and personal than using a wedding theme that was used 1000 times before.

    Congratulations on your engagement.

  • @happygf26 Congrats to you! I'm so jealous of you because you already found the man who will love you forever. If my boyfriend will ever propose to me I want our wedding to be on the beach because I'm really a beach lover.

  • Depends on a lot of factors:
    -number of guests
    -style of your wedding dress
    -your personality
    -bridesmaid dress colors (color themes)
    -something meaningful to both of you

    June-July are summer months here so if it was me, I will do something outdoors (botanical garden). Rustic style. Love the blush, gold, ivory combination. you can find some inspiration here

  • Someone in here can share an idea about my question? What is the best theme for wedding your suggestions is very much appreciated...

  • @happygf26 congratulations idk about you but I've always wanted a magic themed wedding, but I'm weird like that.

  • Gamers

    Paranormal activity theme ❤

  • Happy to know that you found the man that suits you. i would suggest to you that the crystal theme is nice. it's up to you if what you want.

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