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    Its time for Polls :clapping_hands: :clapping_hands: :clapping_hands:

    Question: Who is the most lame troll according to you.
    Okay Lets make it a bit easy, Which troller do you hate the most?

    Options: (A) Aman ( @ilovefanta )
    (B) Sum ( @SUmof1 )
    (C) Max ( @kingmax )
    (D) Any other user

    It'd be dope if you could provide the reason too.
    happy polling :thumbs_up: :thumbs_up:

  • Aman is the best troll i h've seen so far

  • I don't really think Sum is a troll. He doesn't perfectly fit the criteria

  • Definitely max my eyes react to that shit, and he’s an asshole

  • So the current scores:
    Max = 1
    Aman = 1
    SUmof1 = -1

    Nice, wherever I go the negatives follow me.

  • IDK :face_with_stuck-out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • I dont know about Aman .Never seen him.

    Sumof1 is not really too bad.
    He has his own faults & needs far more tact in speaking.
    But I wouldnt call him cancer.

    We dont name you know who.
    It's bad omen.

  • Max is probably the most annoying out of the options, well more of a nuisance.

  • -deleted-

  • So Max is the worst. I also vote for Max



    Aman - Even though he may irritate others, he doesn't really irritate me. I know he doesn't truly miss me because he literally has a girlfriend, I say he is the best troll out of the three.

    Sum - I wouldn't really consider him a troll if he is actually being serious on how he behaves here, plus he never really irritated me. But he will be eliminated just because how viral he became here.

    Max would be considered the lamest troll, even though he did irritate me once, his ways are quite retarded for sure. Making endless accounts and acting different, he failed. Making a fake post claiming he was me, he failed. Him wanting his accounts back acting like he is innocent, he failed. He's just a faliure in general, so he is the lamest troll out of all.

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    This is what I expected it to be. Max is literally the lame and annoying troller here. Sometimes, I pity such people who think they are being funny or they think they are actually insulting someone, but In reality they are not.

    And talking about Aman, he is irritating but he brings drama back to the table, so I guess, he is the best of the 3.

    And then, talking about Sum, he is sometimes comes up with good insults, but most of the times, he opposes everything, just for the sake of opposing.And I don't think any of his remarks are provoked by a thought process, but mostly just cause he needs attention. And he doesn't care about the stuff he posts.

  • @rendezvous
    Aman- I have talked with him. I had read his chats too. He looks for little girls to troll them. He behaves like a pervert but he ain't a perv. He's more dangerous for girls than for guys. He comes here for only 30 minutes or sometimes a bit more. if someone ignored him, he'd not to talk with him. he barely offends people here.
    Sumof- i have never talked to him but i have seen his threads and chats. According to me, he's a kid that just got permission of using internet by his parents. he doesn't even know how to use internet in right direction. he will get some maturity after using internet over and over. Because of these reasons, i don't consider him as a troll.
    Max- He offends people and uploads nudes at the public chat. If someone ignores him, he may like to offend him. he makes new accounts for spamming. He comes here for more time than above both users. His offends are even worse than critical assaults.
    So, The most lameass troll is max.

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    It was Aman but I banned him today 😂

  • @layla Why all of a sudden?