• First of all

    I am Japanese and a man of honor (normaly)
    I am sorry to DIV-san for my honorless movement

    I can't live on with a big mistake i made and the Knowlendge that i lost DIV-san's trust
    I was using an other account and wanted to help a friend who was saying she was ''IP banned'' even she wasn't i wanted to say it wasn't me and i destroyed a girl's dream because i ruined her chance of a new friendship with all of you because now her account is away
    it never was my honest to close her account by moving on hers and she known i done it because i was talking to her at the same time on Dscord i am a man of honor but i was honorless and destroying a girls life isn't what my mother made me to she wanted me to be truthful and i can't live in the shame that i used it in the known that the mod's will see my moves i known it i am not stupid just stubborn and maybe ignorant i am sorry it isn't my secound account and never will be
    HYDE is my real name and i normaly didn't used options wich kills my trust to others but i want to be open even i get a one last chance i didn't care anymore
    moving over a site alone with the kknowing in mind she can't be here anymore makes me sad and honorless and i didn't deserve it to stay while she can't anymore i just wanted to say peoples i like and learnd to respect I done it as a friend for her but as a Japanese i can't live with it anymore

    I am sorry for disrespect the rules and i am sorry for made you all believe i am a good guy my heart hurts and i only did it as a reason i can't tell i didn't even was drunken...so why i done? but surely to watch for her for a reason why the site didn't let her go here anymore
    what wasn't a reason normaly to break rules and on a way i feel deep ashamed
    i wasn't sleeping and now i need to let it out

    I am sorry for made that step
    even it sounds wrong for all of you i had a respectful reason to helping my friend but a honorless movement for here

    see you one day again
    now it is my time to go

    in honorless ...and shameful feelings


  • You are a god, my friend! Nothing you can do will ever bring dishonor but if you feel it in your heart then I can not disagree. You know best and only want the world to be better. If you must leave then so must I! Not out of hate or disrespect but the exact opposite. I would follow you into the pits of a volcano because I trust with all my life it would be for the best of reasons... I wish you farewell and may we speak again in the future... Just know you truly made an impact in the lives of others and I know I'm not alone in this sentiment!

  • When I was a kid, I found a samurai sword in a wood in the middle of nowhere (true story). I often wonder, was it left there by a Japanese lad who felt he wasn't worthy of the honour it signified?

  • @Hyde I like the normally in the first line.🤣