Creation or Evolution

  • Just a simple question- Which do you believe in creation (as in a "creator" made the universe) or evolution (as in the "big bang" created the universe)?

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    I believe in evolution. I just don't get how a being can create something as complex as our world and if so, how did they come to exist?

  • I think we are a simulation tbh

  • @kyra-w I think the same, why anyone said that god used the big bang to create the universe, I think that is a viable teory that match science with god

  • @wtfjudith this is a good point. I often feel the same but I have always heard that universe was a designed in a certain way; mathematicians (the golden ratio) and scientists (DNA, genomes) have uncovered all kinds of patterns. So, I have heard the saying, "in order for there to be a design, there must be a designer." But you are right if there is a designer, where did he/she/it come from?

  • In regards to this specific question I find myself unable to answer. Evolution should not be "believed", it should be proven. God must be believed, but cannot be proven by positive or exact science.These two ideas are not of their own contradictory.

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  • @evan-elderson okay this is an old post but i will answer it.
    I believe there is a creator who created this universe and all of stuff around us. That creator may be seems impossible to see, to touch, to hear, since his presence is "undercover". Why? Because he is the creator. If you do believe something, there always be a day when your pray had been granted because of illogical reasons. If you do believe this things, you can ask yourself how can natural disaster such as hurricane, tsunami even volcano erruption could be exist? Moreover you can ask yourself, how can that big bang happen if there is no one as a regulator and a creator who make it happen?
    Try to be logic here and separate your faith. You will see there is "that stuff"

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  • @evan-elderson Couldn't it be that God used the "big bang" to create the world?

  • @manuelced I also like the idea of science and God.

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    creator made the universe with big bang..

  • @wtfjudith You bring up a good point. Think of the people who designed the first computer, and the advancements since. It is amazing what computers can do and all the complexity there as well as the human brain. Someone designed the computer from a concept, built many prototypes, and finally got something working that followed a specific program. If the universe was designed then the designer would've conceptualized, tested, and finally enacted their vision. All design takes progress. As far as where the designer came from... Who knows?

  • There doesn't need to be a designer, maybe the patterns and everything is just a way our brain simplifies the world that we see, so that we can focus on the things that matter. It's like an illusion, it's all in the brain. If we weren't there, would the universe even exist? In a sense, we, our brains, have created the universe.

  • If you are asking if the world was made by creation or evolution, then I will go with evolution, though I and many do not really know how the world was created. Evolution seems more logical in my opinion.

  • @wtfjudith said in Creation or Evolution:

    I believe in evolution. I just don't get how a being can create something as complex as our world and if so, how did they come to exist?

    Now i see her as a smart ass kid who is being critical of something atm. 😻

  • Really interesting question because there seems to be a natural "evolution" in my thinking about this πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ . Though I was bought up as a theist I never thought 'evolution' to be contradictory to 'creation' per se. Creation is often seen as this spontaneous event... like a 'will' and a 'click of a finger' and you got a planetary body optimized for life, filled with organisms. But can't creation involve an evolutionary progression from an ancestor to give you new species. Like over long periods of time, conditions arise which give rise to simple single celled organisms which then give rise to photosynthetic cells which then allows the support for more complex life forms. What if the 'creator' generates life like this? Can't the creator act as a director for this seemingly random chaotic process?

    There is a scientific basis for the Theory of Evolution based on keen observations but I don't it contradicts the possibility of a creator. I don't believe science and technology has (or even probably can) reach a state where it can 'prove' and disprove the existence of god............. But as you can see i don't give straight answers to 'simple questions' . πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ But that's my opinion currently: BOTH hahaha. I warmly welcome other opinions.

  • @g-a that's an interesting way to look at things. I believe it is possible the universe was created but not by a deity who resembles man, like the Christians believe. To think we are the only ones life forms in the universe is very narrow-minded, in my opinion.

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