• so this is about to get really deep and personally and everyone is about to learn something new about me...okay story time!
    so last summer i became very depressed and very very suicidal because my mom hated me and i had just found out that my dad isnt my biological father and i had no friends at all and i was sick and tired of sitting in my room and crying to myself trying to figure out what to do so i thought to myself "hey im gonna go pop some pills and let the world fade away into an endless black hole because nobody cares enough to even notice the bloody cuts and scars on my wrists and the fact that i havent eaten in like 2 weeks" so i walk on into my parents bathroom and start pulling out a ton of different medication and i had my phone and i actually like did my research and found out what i could OD on fastest (im not gonna share that info so dont even think about asking) and then i took those pills into my room and just stared at the bottle and cried thinking im gonna die and nobody is going to care im gonna die and someone will find me and say "oh she was so happy" and nobody will know that they were oh so terribly wrong and that i was so unhappy and depressed all the time with nobody to talk to except for myself so then i was like okay lets do this and i started poppin pill after pill but before i could get anywhere close to an OD my 4 year old sister walked into my room which i had thought i locked the door and she didnt say a word all she did was come over to me and sit in my lap and hug me we sat there for 5 minutes before she asked why i was sad and all i could tell her was that i love her and thats when i realized that al i needed was one reason to live and my lil sis is that reason she is the only person in my life thats holding me here and yeah im still depressed asf and yeah i still have suicidal thoughts and yeah sometimes i self harm but i know im not going to do anything major because i have that one thing holding me here and all i have to do is look at her lil angel face with big brown eyes and her unique adorable smile and i know i will not- no i refuse to leave her so for those of you who are dealing with suicidal thoughts or actions just find that one thing to hold you here im not gonna lie things are still going to be tough but your reason for life makes things easier

  • Hope this helps a lot of people bc suicide its really not worth it 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙂

  • TWS should have a new group called the Suicide Squad, its members would include people from TWS who have attempted and survived suicide attempts.
    And it will be their right or duty or responsibility to reply to the suicidal posts and mollify them, talk those people off the ledge...
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  • @lucifer_ omg yes that would be a great addition to TWS

  • @lucifer_
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    Imma be Anti-suicide squad

  • @S_Dawn This is very good. But I still refer to these ppl as cowards. Pls don't reply to this comment.

  • always remember that suicide is not an option and never ever think that nobody cares.

  • @sup i call those people who successfully comitted suicide brave cowards. Why? Because they are cowards to run away from their problems but brave enough to face death.

    @S_Dawn The gravity of those kind of emotions differ in each person. All of us goes through difficult chapters in our lives and surviving through that is what makes you a truly brave person. 👏👏

    And just a tiny tidbit of knowledge, I know one of the easiest ways to die without pain or drugs.
    It will be like falling asleep. But ofcourse, I won't tell you guys that 😂

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    @lucifer_ @TalkWithStranger THIS NEEDS TO BE A THING

  • @sup do everyone a favor and dont reply to my posts if your going to say shit like that plz

  • @s_dawn First: I told you not to reply but you still did.Good!
    Second: I have the right to say shit here. Free speech!
    Third: Its just my opinion and I still see people who opt for suicide as cowards.
    Fourth: Or brave cowards as @Zazzles just mentioned
    Fifth: Have a nice day snoop!

  • Slitting your wrists really doesn't help. It doesn't fix your issues or change your mind. But take it all as an experience, you came out the other end of the dark tunnel. You survived.

  • @sup said in My take on suicidal thoughts or actions...:

    I have the right to say shit here. Free speech!

    Your right to move your fists around ends where the tip of her nose begins, so if your free speech turns to hate speech or hurt speech, or unwanted speech, you will have to stop.

  • @s_dawn Very well said!!!
    When people find hundreds of reason to suicide, life gives them thousands of reason to live, it's just that they need to find dat one reason , one hope , lil motivation n dats all we need to live , fight n to overcome all of our obstacles.

  • @lucifer_ said in My take on suicidal thoughts or actions...:

    Your right to move your fists around ends where the tip of her nose begins, so if your free speech turns to hate speech or hurt speech, or unwanted speech, you will have to stop.

    How do you think, what I said is anyone of these?
    I have no intentions to hurt anybody, nor hate....and for the unwanted part this is a very valid point and a lot of people agree to it. Those who don't, still fine, I respect their viewpoint.

  • dang sad cried while reading yep she needs u alright and u need her hang in there babygirl

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