• I think it's rather fascinating, that something that never existed on our mind in the first place, suddenly takes a permanent residence there. It's an interesting facet of the unconscious mind, that just made me string this sentence to some meaningful form!
    So yeah, where does any thought ever originates from? Is there like a 'Thought Factory' somewhere out there, or like they say thoughts travel are we just amalgamation of somebody else's thoughts?

  • Thoughts come from nowhere! And from everywhere! I think both answers contain an element of truth.

    Subjectively, our thoughts come from nowhere: they just pop into our heads, or emerge in the form of words leaving our mouths.

    Objectively, we can say that thoughts emerge from neural processes, and that neural processes come from everywhere. What I mean by this is that the forms and dynamics of thought are influenced by everything that has a causal connection with you, your society, and your species.

    We don't know exactly how thoughts emerge from the activity of neurons — or even how to define what a thought is in biological terms (!)— but there is plenty of indirect evidence to support the general claim that the brain is where thoughts emerge.

    P.S: I totally got this from Quora.

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    hell. they come from hell.

  • Yes, but like how does you brain/mind even come up with it in the first place?

  • @lucifer_ I love your replies how do you compare talk with stranger with Quora?

  • @depressed-salad then what about the good ones, like the ones about unicorns and ice cream?

  • @maddragon your thoughts ARE JUST neurons firing up in your brain

  • Good question I think it's come from a mind or a brain

  • @sarah Thanks!!

    A couple of years ago Quora was the bes platform for gaining information about anything. I mean google gives you facts and points you to the right direction but Quora had everything. If you check the old topics you can find topics from psychology to medicine, engineering to astrophysics, spirituality to Virtual reality.
    Today its a place where kids ask "What do americans think of indians?"
    "What do girls think of guys ?" "What is the best bubblegum?". Yes the good topics exist even today but they are over-flooded with the above mentioned crap. I can still find answers there but the good answers are at least a year old. The new additions don't match the level of previous ones.

    About TWS its a really good social networking site where people you meet judge you for who you are not like facebook or instagram where number of friends or no of likes on the post matter or not adding a dog filter makes you look the odd one.
    TWS is neutral it offers everyone a equal chance.

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    @lucifer_ uhhhh

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