• I dont know if im depressed or not... im tired inside sometime i think about commiting suicide but im too afraid to do it...

  • Why are you so tired? Focus this point.

  • I’m a new comer. I’m depressed because this guy I was loyal to. Ended up giving me a disease. And I’ve been wanting to die for a while. So I think I’m supposed to die. God has given me this. So I shall take it

  • I understand you

  • If anyone needs sb to talk to, im here

  • hey stop commiting suicide wait look think bout this... there are a lot of people out there who are in serious illness. An illness that has no cure. But they're keep on hoping that their life will prolong in order to be still with their love ones and here you are stupidly thinking of suicidal thing. Look you have a family and friends, either me you have me I could be your pillow. Girl you doesn't deserve him. You deserve someone better, remember this you are a gem, a costly diamond don't waste your precious life for a plain stone. He's just your lesson, a lesson that will teach you in order to be strong. Missy there are a lot of fishes I'm pretty sure you'll find someone who will loves you more than you love him. C'mon stand up and fix yourself or else I'm gonna slap you 😏

  • @VioletApple God don't make junk, so you can't throw your life away, okay? Males are dumb for starters, i know I'm a 40+ male. Either talk or listen, I Don't Care.....i will listen or i will chatter, so, males are stupid and this one was a real "winner" that he never told you or cared about your feelings. Second, you ARE loved! Really. Truly. That is ONE thing i can't fib about, you are unique, distictly different. I want to know you. Do you laugh? Do you dance in the rain? Do you slurp your noodles? In a pillow fight, do you swing left-to-right or do you attack with a giant stuffed elephant?

  • Good. You have fear, that means you still have Faith. Someone with no fear does not truly "feel", has no reason to laugh.

  • "You" can't really kill "yourself" if "you" never existed in the first place. The real You isn't even remotely disturbed by your body-mind's struggles. If you examine your "sense of self" closely and repeatedly you will realize that the "i" who experiences suffering was never there to begin with. It was but a mere thought in the Infinite Mind, and you'll come to find that all your "worries, sorrows and pains were but a dream in the Eternity of Being.

  • @Fear-Inoculum oookay. That's either some deeply neurotic Philosopher meditation or you swiped some catnip. First, we can theoretically prove this point by mere "i is am" which is no proof. Group mind is NOT reasonable.
    There is Meeting-of-the-mind, which takes much compromise and trust and dissolves quickly. There is sensory deprivation also, it is know that the brain has no distinct self without the outside senses. Yet this says the brain is a computer without external links. This is still no vast group WE . We are connections, yes. But it is easy to say "we" and not think this wrong. A generalization, no more. Individuals, unique and different that allow us and we to agree on some things but NOT all. Ask 3 people for favorite type of pizza, get 5 different responses!

  • @Sabo-go-thud i don't know if english is your first language or not, but i don't really understand what your argument is, would you care to elaborate?

  • Guest said in Depression or not:

    I dont know if im depressed or not... im tired inside sometime i think about commiting suicide but im too afraid to do it...

    Doing suicide is not work of cowards. You should have enough dare to suicide. If you really feel suicidal, you can consult your parent, real life friends or psychologist. Nobody can help you online. No need to beg for attention here !

  • @Fear-Inoculum English is not the best language, even here in the American Southwest. I found myself getting long winded and likely to to bore. If you thought there was a mass WE, Mr. Fear...you would not ask "care to elaborate" because the mass WE would already Know!

    Mass thought is too Easy an answer. You can say "we are" and nobody will doubt the words. It is easy to say that "the individual does not matter, for it is a part of the WE, US, the mass." Break the words down; If the "mass" already exists, there would be no need to ask..as "we" would already know. Just like a computer "knows" where the info exists without having to research for hours to find the answer.

  • I don't think you've understood my argument, I didn't say anything about "mass thought". What i am saying is that the Individual is the one taking all of these varied forms and opinions. That "knowing" which sees through the eyes of every body-mind

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  • yessss depressionnnn

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  • I struggled with depression, it eats u, shes always watching, hungry, trying to take all of u, only when u sleep she is still, she cant harm u.. I know how u feel. I started to going into therapy it really helped me so, maybe u should 2.