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    Its not the first of the year, but as @BloodDrunk once said, you can change yourself at any time of the year, who needs this cliche “news years resolution” shit. So here is to a new me.
    I am suicidal. Everyone who is close to me knows that. Ive struggled with depression for as long as I can remember and it doesnt take much to push me to the edge. At all. I let the little shit get to me. I hate finding out people hate me. I hate finding out people say shit about me. And I hate especially finding out that someone tells err one your secrets.
    My daughter is dying. Its something I have known since she was a baby. She wasnt even really supposed to live. But she did. And she was given a number. A number on her life. I had her for at least seven years. And so far, i have made five of them the best years of her life. Sometimes life smacks me in the face and reminds me that I dont have that much longer with her. Doctor appts that make me wanna scream in frustration. And this is where I release, a stranger chatroom, like, wtf. But screw the bitches that fuck that up for me. Screw the people who only made the feeling worse.
    MY BEST FUCKING FRIEND. Turned out to be the biggest betrayal.
    So new me.
    Say shit. I dont even care anymore.
    Be a shit person. I dont even care.
    And hate me. Because I dont care.
    Im done trying to care. Trying to be the change. Trying to expect things from shitty ass people on the internet.
    At the end of the day, im just a small little detail in this world. So why try to be anything greater.
    Also, you know who you are , calling out your “family” in your last post, real shit dude, call us out by name next time.

  • Well y'all did all of y'all (except @football_m29 Idk how he feels) y'all all stabbed me in the back so you wanna be called out by name? Fine @Willoww @Zazzles and cause of y'all all these other people are giving me shit so thanks I appreciate it.

  • Everyone who knows you also knows that you’re a fucking awesome queen <3 love you lots, Alexis.

  • @alexthealien keep forgetting to comment how much I love the signature lol 💚

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    @boots22 you got stabbed? So did we. I took the damn name out btw. Decided that was shit of me

  • Can't even mention me anymore? Wow. 👏👏👏👏

  • @willoww oh that's bullshit, nothing happened to y'all, I'm just glad you finally told Me how you felt about me so I can move on and find better people than you.

  • Hey willow, your best friend betrayed you? If I got it correct
    If I can give you any advice, it's to die inside, kinda. It will help in the long run. Be alone. That way you wont get hurt. But also won't have anybody to rely on. That is me for years now, going on on my own, no true friends, no bullshitz no nothing. O:)

  • @willoww A little message to the haters.....fuck all of you. That’s how I make it through this shit called life, so I’m glad to see you are finally doing the same thing. No more letting people stand in your way. You are awesome just remember that and you’ll be fine. Like @BloodDrunk said it doesn’t hurt to be a little dead inside sometimes but I also don’t think you need to do it alone you just have to find the right people.

  • @willoww maybe sometimes your eye is always trying to find whats wrong in others. We always forgot to look at ourselves. :) Maybe you have to be more real.
    There are many answer. It depends upon you

  • @boots22 I'm sorry if you feel that way. I hope you won't let it get you down too much. It's ok to turn away and come back after you've calmed down. Just worry about yourself, and not what others want when they only want to bring you down.

  • @willoww I'm so sorry you've been hurt so bad. Life can be cruel, but you'll always have at least one person you can turn to here. Stop by anytime.

  • @boots22 I told you exactly how I felt. And as much as you appreciate my advices, I'm tired of you only coming to me about your problems. I have problems too, you know? All of us have, but I chose to suck it up because that's what adults do. But you'll learn to do that in the long run. And how can you call me your "bestfriend" when you don't even know me at all? I don't like beautiful words like that just being thrown around loosely, it looses its meaning. Though I did consider you my friend at some point. But its your life and you're free to do whatever you want. As I've said, I don't expect anything from anyone here other than one person. ☺️💁

  • @willoww you stole that gif

  • @willoww well....done and well-done!

  • @willoww I know, we haven't known each other for a long time. But still, I judge as a very strong and cool person. And Just you need to do is go alone without being extra emotional, according to me. Moreover, its just Internet so just stop caring about people over here and try to find someone in real life. You are a great person and I am sure you will find someone even greater who stands by you all the time.
    Anyway, I am always up for bitching about the people you hate hahah

  • @zazzles said in HERE IS TO NEW FRIENDS AND NEW ME:

    I don't expect anything from anyone here other than one person.

    You are not supposed to say that in public shhh

  • @lucifer_ lol no worries, he knows himself 😂

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    @willoww -throughout life we meet so many people in real life and social media. Most of the people will hurt us, but the truth is that people don't hurt us but the expectations in our mind makes us feel betrayed. But there will be very few people who will stick to your side.
    U may feel like changing ur self will change everything, but the truth is after sometime you will feel that you have lost the true person inside you. So just be the way you are let the people judge you and keep their judgements with themself.At the end of the day one should be happy from inside.As far as I have known you from your posts, U are strong.Keep the attitude on.

  • hug