We are all unique. Think about it. All. Unique. All of us. Share a trait, unique? Anyways, WHAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE?

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    Lol. Anyways, sorry for the long ass title.
    But what is one thing that sets you apart from everyone else?

  • @willoww all of me makes me unique. I’m a special kind of person. I try to be nice to everyone. And I don’t hold grudges against people. I brush it off so I guess that adds to my uniqueness.

  • idk if anyone else has this but my eyes are a tye-dye mix of green brown and hazel
    another thing is im 50% mexican 20% indian 15% white 10% irish and 5% german so im a lil more mixed than a fuckin smoothie but im a beautiful mix of weird and adorableness :face_with_tears_of_joy: :face_with_tears_of_joy:

  • @willoww everything about me is unique, I'm a lesbian, I don't care what anyone thinks of me, I hate it when people are sexist, I stand up for anyone who is innocent even if I don't know them, I want to have all the homeless, parentless kids in the world just to make them happy, and I'm nice to everyone who deserves it.

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    I'm a very open and optimistic person, but a unique thing about me, is I don't get jealous, ever. I've gotten close a few times, but it's never been to the level I've seen "normal" people get it. I mainly understand it through talking to other people.

  • @abby-83 said in We are all unique. Think about it. All. Unique. All of us. Share a trait, unique? Anyways, WHAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE?:

    I’m a very deep person

    @abby-83 Not too deep,I hope.
    else the US army will find oil & invade your ass.
    Protect thy anus.
    :face_with_tears_of_joy: :face_with_tears_of_joy: :face_with_tears_of_joy:

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    @stranger_danger Reptile lives in the wilderness, what use is an iPhone X to him?
    P.S: I am still begging my parents to spend my own money on an iPhone X.
    P.S: Yes, I have to take permission from my parents to spend my own money haha

  • @rendezvous Reptile lives in the wilderness,
    Reptile has to break into other people's houses to post messages..

    He wishes to do so from the comfort of his coconut tree.

    well,TBH iphone is an extravagance,while any of the rest android phone is a sheer necessity.

    You & I both know ,they do it because they care very much about you but i can see why it can get a little annoying.

    Here's all the best for an iPhone & a best friend.
    Cheers dude. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

  • People have said my enormous generosity to others and care for the simplest bits of sadness is what others see in me different from others as I’ve always been willing to part with anything if it made others happy but with it all comes a flaw... I have trouble helping myself.... people say I either have a low consideration for my own good or care too much about others...and it’s true of some extent to me I hate being above others and I want to achieve the same height of others in achievements but I help others more than myself...selflessness is both a blessing and a slow madness

  • I am only going to talk about TWS and not the real world. I usually don’t like talking about myself but I’m just going to say this. I believe that what makes me unique is my sense of humor, I think I tend to be the “jokester” in tws. But sometimes that’s bad because I’m rarely serious.

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    @ᑕᖇiᗰᔕ-ᑎ sometimes humor is actually what makes most people trust you. If that makes any sense at all

  • @ᑕᖇiᗰᔕ-ᑎ that’s me irl. I’m very rarely serious about anything. It’s both a blessing and a curse

  • @sup
    You win life when you know what's to be taken seriously and what not-so-seriously!!

  • @rendezvous said in We are all unique. Think about it. All. Unique. All of us. Share a trait, unique? Anyways, WHAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE?:

    Thou, I hope I will find a best friend soon!

    @rendezvous For the low low price of 1 iPhone-X , I'll be your bestest best friend.
    Please be my best friend. & gimme that iPhone-X

    alt text

  • I may be the only person who prefers dark black chocolate than milk one. Now, seriously, i don't know.
    0_1522686361033_giphy (4).gif

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    @catwoman oh mah gah. I actually love dark chocolate.
    And white chocolate 😋

  • Freedom Writers

    @willoww I love all chocolates. I'm not racist.

  • Biologically speaking, my fingerprints, DNA profile, tongue print (very unlikely to get matched with a different human being) should be the best answer.
    Otherwise, I too have some crude (may not be acceptable/digestible easily) answers which possibly make a person unique. Such as, thoughts, hobbies, passion and actions are the best weapons that can make unique.

  • Well, I've never felt the urge to form romantic relationships with anyone. I've come close, mostly out of curiosity if anything. But at my age, its weird that I've never experienced that kind of connection with another person (I know my family thinks its weird). Its like I'm completely okay with being on my own or is it because I have no emotional capacity to let anyone else in? Who knows? 🤷

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    @willoww I guess this one would be a negative trait for the most of you. But I have never really had what they call "best friends". Sure I have many friends ( like seriously, a lot) but none of them is whom I call a best friend. All my life, I always had been very competitive in my studies and that made me too insensitive for any kind of friendship. But, truly I have never felt a need for a best friend.
    Thou, I hope I will find a best friend soon!

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