Favorite Hobby and Why??

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    My hobbies are photography, art, and music, but i think my favorite is photography because I like being able to capture the good moments and even the bad because that way I'm able to see what I've made it through-yes I realize how cheesy that sounds but it's true.

  • Learning to understand as actually and truthfully as I am able ^^ then, hopefully becoming more able than I was.

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    @ms_e truuue

  • @s_dawn My hobbies have included photography, reading, writing, singing when I think noone is listening, dancing when I think noone is watching, cooking (mainly baking) and eating.
    My favourite is also photography as I tend to take candid shots of my friends which I show them years on and we remember why they made that face or did that dance or we remember a good time with that person we no longer have in our lives.
    I get what you mean about being able to see what you've made it through and there are times I've gone through my photos after thinking everything is monotonous and realised that not everything in life is as straight lined as one would think.

  • Cars.. They are a way for me to express myself through customizations; which makes the car exclusive to me and what appeals to me. My car is a part of my personality that everyone can see and admire.

  • My favorite hobby is traveling. I like to see the whole world and its really amazing to see the people from different community and from different cultures.

  • Gamers

    strategy games, or anything multiplayer with my friends, and thats because i like playing games, they put my mind to work, and i also get to spend time with friends, what more can you ask for 😛

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    @s_dawn i live for photography, reading, running, cooking, and writing.
    My favorite is most definitely cooking. There is so much free reign in the kitchen it feels like. That and I like food. I constantly get to come up with my own creations and just have fun with it. Also, it reminds me of home. When my mon would spend hours with me in the kitchen rolling out thin tortilla, churning butter, and grinding cassava
    Running is a close second. However, i associate it more with when Im sad, because I use it to clear my head rather than for actual fun.

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    Painting,reading,writing....all are fav reading increases the imagination,I believe writing and painting are the way to express our imagination with feelings.

  • @s_dawn Yepp

  • Music Lovers

    @kat_15 niceee 🙂

  • @s_dawn Dance and sports because dance is just a way to express yourself through music AND ANYONE CAN DO IT and sports is just exercising yourself which is fun lol


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