• Music Lovers

    The feel of losing
    The anxiety goes somewhere
    Feeling of no existence
    We leave but its worst than death
    We leave as we die every moment
    The emotion wants to bust out into tears
    Like the air in the over blowed balloon
    We go through the events and people in our life
    As we summarize the whole story after a movie
    We miss some people from the points of our life
    It seems like all the fights and all the earnings
    The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful
    Friends and relatives, enemy and foes
    Nothing was so important,
    So many questions in front of us
    But we know, none matters as we are no more
    Time we spent searching the right,
    Searching for more, and more and more
    We were never happy, with what we all had
    With all of them around
    Scribbling down the thought end of the day
    We all live days to die once
    Or we die every day to live