I got my girlfriend from abroad pregnant... I need advice

  • I’ve been with my girlfriend for a year and 4 months now. We met through a foreign dating event. It’s a long distance relationship that started as a cyber relationship, we’ve met 6 times in the span of our relationship. I visited her on her birthday roughly 2 months back, it was an amazing trip! She brought me to places in the Philippines outside of her city and Palawan is really a breathtaking place.

    She’s been feeling sick for the past weeks and she has been worried if she caught something or worse… I told her to go have a checkup and surprisingly enough, she’s pregnant. I trust my girlfriend and I know she wouldn’t cheat on me. Despite being confident that I’m always “safe” there might have been a slip.

    Anyway, I don’t know what to do… I’m not sure if I should ask her to come here in Arizona or if I should go to her instead. I don’t want her to do this alone and I want to be there every step of the way. Would it be wiser to marry her now before the baby is born? I am dating her with marriage in mind and to be honest I think it’s alright to get married… but with a baby on the way, I’m also pressured since I did not expect things to progress to this stage before I even planned on proposing…

    What should I do? I really need advice… I love her and I want to be with her but a part of my feels like I’m not ready to have a family yet, but I want to do my best not just for her but for our child… HELP!!!

  • @kenthetraveller Having a baby doesn't mean you need to get married immediately. You said that you want to marry her right? So you really are serious and you truly love her. It's up to you guys where are you comfortable. Wait for the baby to come out before getting married or get married before she gives birth. You two should talk about this.

  • Baby on the way? Congrats dude! Whatever your decision is about marriage, important thing is you won't leave her. Be a good father and a good lover to your partner. 😉

  • Getting into a married life is really hard. But it’s up to both of you. the decision is yours. Think many many times before you decided... congrats anyway.

  • @marziaaa I might propose to her soon. We just need to decide about getting married first or wait until the baby is born. Now that we're expecting our first child, my love for her has grown so much! Thanks for your response!

  • @kenthetraveller ooooh... that sounds quite rough. ummm... marriage is a big responsibility, so is having a child. have you talked with her as to what exactly she wants to do or plans to do? 😕

    BUT! Definitely! I vouch for keeping the baby!!!

  • @kenthetraveller Wow! You got a new blessing on the way. I think it's better for you to come back to her place and finally propose because it's not easy for your girlfriend to do this alone. It's also nice to surprise her and bring her back to Arizona where you can build your own family. I know marriage scares the hell out of you but don't worry, you just have to trust your gut and follow your heart.

  • @xkeziahx25 Hey thanks dude! Will definitely do that!

  • @hurleyking This is inspiring. Thanks for your advice. I love her so much and I know she feels the same way. This is something I need to decide properly and maybe giving her the happiness she deserves is the right thing to do! Thank you so much!

  • @kenthetraveller would you rather take advice from a guy or girl?

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