• Freedom Writers

    I was with you when you took your first breath,
    and held you while I protected you from your own mother.
    I helped your brothers and sister,
    but it was you that I bonded with.
    You were always my fat little ball of fluff,
    and when others would get near,
    you'd lie on top guarding me dearly.
    While others would get distracted,
    by there toys,
    or squirrels,
    or chickens,
    or cars,
    or guns,
    you'd ignore it all for another moment next to me.
    The only thing that could distract you,
    is the chance for your favorite treat,
    but that would only last a fleeting moment,
    till you came running back next to me.
    My little cuddle buddy,
    that I had to defend,
    and shield from others,
    but the love you game me,
    made every moment worth it.
    It has become your last kiss goodnight,
    and as I brought you into this world,
    I was able to say goodbye as you lie in my arms.
    May you be with your daddy,
    who's chasing rabbits in Valhalla,
    as you await me to join you.
    I'll miss you till then,
    but I hope I gave you the happiness,
    and comfort you gave me,
    in your last moments,
    as you gave me,
    with every one of your moments.

  • @us-poet Nice one :)