I'm the worst influence

  • Freedom Writers

    Whenever you say no sometimes I'll take that as a challenge,
    to infiltrate your mind with things you wanna do,
    but you say there's no time to.
    I look for the chinks in your disposition,
    and I get inside through the tiniest holes,
    penetrating your thoughts,
    and inhibitions,
    to push towards the naughty,
    or just to the "I shouldn't",
    but never towards the "I wouldn't",
    cause I know you too well.
    I know you'll enjoy it,
    I'm just a slight push from time to time,
    a little devil on your shoulder,
    that can take a hold of you.
    My whispers are subtle when needed
    or blunt when I know you're in the mood,
    but you'll fall for it eventually,
    because I know what makes you tick.
    That soft correction,
    the subtle jabs at your self restraint,
    and getting into what I know you want.
    I'll make you stay up too late,
    enjoying yourself as I take joy,
    just knowing I got you doing more than you expected.

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