• Freedom Writers

    I go through my life planning,
    and mapping to get through the day,
    it helps me collect my thoughts,
    and know how I'm going to make my next move,
    but that doesn't work for you.
    You're spontaneous,
    and never know what you're doing next,
    and yet it still works for you.
    We both do so much,
    and go so far,
    but we're always having fun,
    and there's never a dull moment.
    Our differences aren't much,
    but enough to notice,
    and were we compliment the other,
    is where we meet for perfect harmony,
    and we are able to sing in the chorus,
    of our love,
    and happiness,
    and expand upon what makes us great,
    and continue to make that beautiful music,
    that's taken ahold of me,
    and has my heart singing,
    that beautiful music,
    that's got me looking forward,
    to the next beat we'll be making together.

  • Chocolate Lovers ;) SPARTAN Global Moderator

    @us-poet The last line got me

  • Freedom Writers

    @katie_15 why thank you. Remember the music never really ends.

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