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    When I was younger I played the ukulele/guitar. I’ve gone many years without playing it.
    When I was about the age of twelve I was playing “too loud” and of course my stepdad smashed it against my back. Do yourself a favor, don’t let anyone kill your passion. Whether that passion is music, reading, writing, or even just eating (@meeeeee).
    And if anyone tries, I’ll kick their ass, just tell me who.

  • @willoww well I don’t play any instruments but I do have passions food and football and don’t you worry I won’t ever let anyone get in my way of those. And if anyone gets in your way just let me know and I will kick some ass lol

  • @willoww Piano, but I suck at it, I convince myself that if I ever get good enough I can use it to woo women. Also I am immensely attracted to girls who can play guitar, that's pretty sexy in my book.

  • Brilliant, good for you! I‘ve been a professional musician for the last 25 years and have never looked back. You have to follow your heart, even when it leads into the lonely and dark places.

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    @willoww i love to play guitar but I didn't learn how to play and i play guitar with my own notes! And that fun ☺️☺️ When i started to play "My mom will be like can you please stop at least for a god sake" and "my dog barks at me until i stop playing".

  • Nothing really atm, but I'm planning on taking piano lessons when my schedule frees up.

  • @willoww I like playing drums. Takes stress off of my back, and I feel relieved and better after a good session.