can any experience be traumatic??

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    sometimes i get flashbacks of unpleasant past events when i am put in a certain situation. recently, i seemed to have had a reaction to one of those flashbacks. i don’t really know how to explain it, but i remember i started shaking. during this time, i went somewhere with my sister. my parents didn’t come with us, so it was just my sister and i in the car heading to walmart. i rarely go to places with just my sister and i. the last time i went somewhere with my sister, i did not have a very good time. during that trip to walmart, i could not stop thinking about that prior experience. my friends say it was probably because the experience was traumatic. i am not really sure... can any experience be traumatic?? i haven’t thought about that past experience until recently. the experience wasn’t even as bad as some other experiences, but that was the only time i’ve had such a reaction. i feel like my unconscious mind sees the event as more sinister than my conscious mind does....but why a bad memory that isn’t as severe as the others??? sorry for being so vague!!!! war flashbacks, am i right???

  • yep experience which are still effecting u as u describe are traumatic i think u still didn't actually come over from all unpleasant things happen to u in past.........i feel u should talk to someone who actually listen you or understand u the way u describing your problem its like something triggered u thats why your body react in that way.......

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    @anyweighs thank you for your replyyyyyyyy 🙂 i’ll try to talk to one of my close friends about it

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