Crypto currencies like xrp Ripple

  • Any one who wants to know more about cryto currencies should contact me , am always Willing to share with friends , there is lots of money to be made 2018 , that's the year for virtual currencies ,

  • Hi was searhing ripple come out with this .what i can say about etherium family altcoins like ripple steem stellar etc .they use the blockchain tecnology i mean the idea is like this.Ripple seems to be one of the big market cap.which is close to put idea in life.So long term investment with good return i can suggest you ripple i already invest and i am going to invest more in blockchain tec.project .

  • Just getting into bitcoin xrp any inside advice

  • @dima9567e , Yeah XRP is a good altcoin for your portfolio , because once it has a real use case as compared to other altcoins out there ,with no end goal , ripple will soon be number one on coinmarket cap , because we are talking of tons and tons of cash flowing into ripples market cap when payment providers and banks begin to use ripples net in transacting money across the world , the price of ripple will soon exceed the price of bitcoin , because if ripple is solving a multi trillion dollar problem and the price of XRP is valued at 2 dollars which makes no sense , ripples price will go through the roof , we could be talking of 100 dollars per coin due to what it is being used for , This will take place before the end of 2018 , ripple is long term investment so please do your research before investing in it ,

  • @blockchain The blockchain technology is good, but with the bitcoin bubble bursting do you still think its a good idea to invest in crypto currencies at the moment?

  • @blockchain yes you should invest more into ripple even though its not a financial advice , it should be rational to invest into ripple , today they had 5 global money transfer companies testing out their X rapid package , which will be used by them to source liquidity on demand and X rapid uses the core digital asset "XRP" which we are invested into , WESTERN UNION, MONEY GRAM, IDT, MECURY, FX have partnered with ripple . WE ARE LEFT WITH ONE LAST ONE TO JOIN THE XRAPID PARTNERHSIP , Am praying JP morgan should be the last one , because that bank keeps praising bitcoin and talks more about real time settlements using blockchain

  • @blockchain dont forget to donate some to my gate hub wallet after buying more rsZ4ciAun4Ppaw3Te3UtP1Vdh29h3JwKdL

  • @dima9567e yeah we need to invest heavily into ripple

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  • I am just amazed by how some cryptocommunity members hate this currency

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