• Ripple Means business because , what this means is that the banks are going to buy millions of XRP units from ex changers which will lead to an increase in xrpis price , which means utility will meet demand efficiently , banks will be able to solve liquidity on Demand within 3 seconds , the value of tangible assets like cars ,jets , gold bars , money to low retail products and other digital assets will be transacted through ripples net by using the ripples digital asset, this tells you we have trillions of dollars on its way coming into XRPis market cap as a core commodity here , banks will no more open dead accounts with other banks called nostro and vostro accounts for making remittance transaction , this has lead , the banks in losing trillions of dollars , which means , they always have to lock up their capital outside , which makes no sense , having money in such pre-funded accounts with of no good use , a nostro account could contain 27 trillion dollars , its just like a float needed for making your daily remittance transactions , if a bank wants to make transactions over seas , all it needs to do , is to get some XRP units , which means converting their local fiat rate into xrp , which will be sent to other co operate banks for cross border payments , as compared to the traditional payment method used buy banks since 1960 called SWIFT , which could take 3 to 5 business days with high fees , ripple just takes 3 seconds to process 1500 transactions of various nodes on its net , this technology helps to reduce the friction incurred in sending money over seas , bringing the internet of value to the banking industry.

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