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    No one should miss out on this , SBI is a consortium of 61 banks in Tokyo Japan , that brought over 100 clients from asia to use Ripples net , Now they launched an exchange called SBI VIRTUAL CURRENCIES , which will exclusively use XRP to source out liquidity on demand to over 61 banks in tokyo and other parts of Asia ,The CEO of SBI called Yoshi Shikatoa , said when SBI launches , its going to be so fast that ,any tremendous volume coming in will be supported by the exchange , Guys keep your eyes in the news , if you missed out on bitcoin , Ripple will be your last chance in making a fortune , a currency that can process 50,000 transactions per second at a fraction of a cost , the fee incurred in using the digital asset is $ 0.00004 , no matter how huge the transaction is, its the only asset there that has a clear enterprise use case ,
    I dont think people understand the real meaning of crypto currencies , based on the use cases , the problem their are trying to solve for institutions and clients all over the world , Crypto currencies are not scams ,
    The value of what this things will be worth in some few years to come will be absolutely insane , due the limited supply its has .