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    Which trading platform do you use to exchange cryptocurrencies and why?

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    I use more than one platform, as it brings more possibilities. For example, I may switch from one exchange to another, because I want to sell or purchase a particular coin.

    So, partially, such choice depends on available on a certain exchange pairs of coins. Besides, sometimes I’m quite ok with C2C platforms (for example I have an account on Binance), but if I need to exchange crypto to fiat, I’m starting to look for another place. As for payment methods, I give a preference to credit platform that allows buying via bank cards – I use Cex and Coinmama.

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    Hi, I use only one exchange cryptocurrency, it is BTCBIT
    You see, I used to work with different platforms but there are a lot of bad eggs in that market actually. These guys guarantee a high level of security during every transaction that you carry out through their service. You can be sure with this team. Good luck

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    Due to the bad eggs mentioned above i stick with one that's favored by a serious and engaged blowing up community regarding digital artists and NFT releases.

    Ethereum. Its stocks does this teeter totter between 2200 and can go as high up to +2900 almost weekly if not biweekly. You must keep your eyes on it. I invested 50 $ Coinbase for ETH. In this slow gain process and almost 10 months later it has given me back just shy of 10k after putting ONLY 50 dollars in. Ill be honest as back in may the stock shot up to about 5k briefly which was a huge return.

    Its been another form of employment pay in basically.

    If you're a musician like I am, you can also make arrangements with the seriously skilled 3d modellers and designers out there as you might just make music that they would want 40 seconds of to showcase their work with that extra Oomph.

    Man that tax guy is just gonna love me this year but the amounts I expect he will want have been reserved and it gives me 3500 liquid investments to still fool around with.
    Gas fee's are no fun but consider it no different when you go to put gas in your vehicle - That hurts just as much.

    Proud moment;
    Off of that 50$ out of pocket. This year i was able to go to a mechanic and have them fix my poor SUV at no extra cost out of my own pocket with enough left over still to pursue my 'crazy money pit' being partial ethereum investments as my father would say. The bill was just under 1800$ maple dollars, as i call it. (Canadian)

    "Sorry, Don. We had a lot of work to do on your Nissan.
    Bro, No problem, i know i drive like a prick and I've got the funds to pay for it, lay it on me."

    get after it folks. this business is always booming in ways that benefit the little guys 100% You just gotta know the graphs.