Ripples Fun here to share with you , If you wanna be rich

  • Hope you buy ripple before it get too late , Japanese banks will start using it for making cross border payments on march spring , what ever you put in it will be tripled ,You call the candle black , bitcoin was selling for 10 cents way back and people ignored it, today bitcoin is selling for 17k in us dollars , there is a wallet out there having a million a bitcoins , can you guess who that belongs to , the guy who made who made it him self , he is also rich him self, people call ripple a bankers coin, thats just miss information , Ripple was made for the payment system to source liquidity on demand , within 3 seconds 1500 transactions can be processed on the network for banks , cooperate businesses , firms , payment providers .

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    @trex123 uuhhhh, that is too complicated for me :p

  • @trex123 what is the source of all this information and how are you so console confident about your clothes there so many over 100 preferences which one should I choose to invest in how would you justify this

  • @girlnextdoor Just go to ripple labs website and see the kind of packages they have there i dont need to talk much girlnextdoor .

  • @trex123 Am not forcing you to invest into ripple , Do your research well before investing , i strongly recommend ripple for you , Its 1000 times better than bitcoin, Ripple is real software company located in San Francisco New York , offering payment solutions for institutional use , the earlier the better , Because i it reminds of people struggling to buy a fraction of bitcoin ,, they never bought it when it was cheap. You can buy the coin when its cheap , you cant buy a substantial amount of bitcoin , because it cost much . but ripple cost less