• Dont ignore XRP , Ripple the company has been working hard developing software solutions on by using XRP as a payment protocol , in enabling frictionless payments , for both fintechs , banks , payment providers and even having uses cases for micro transactions , now you could use the XRP tip bot on Twitter for making micro transactions , acting as an incentive scheme for content creators , it has also been intergrated on other social platforms such as you tube and wikepidia , if you hold XRP today at the price of 34 cents , in the long run , it will surely pay off , the folks out there hate crypto because they actual haven’t done their research , the core function of an asset like this ,was made to solve a trillion dollar problem , in a span of one year , we should see the value of this assets moving along with utility , based on the problems it solves , if I can enable an Xrapid transaction which takes less than 3 seconds , in moving value or money from point A to point B at just a fraction of a cost , it tells you how disruptive it is , why wont banks adopt it , if you are corncend about the price swings , this why you shouldn’t , the XRP ledger is made to process a 1500 transition in a second with a throughput of 50,000 transactions in a second , so we are just talking about 3 seconds volatilty risk , which is nothing compared to the traditional system used banks today , called swift , which takes about 3 to 5 business days to settle a single transaction , with high fees , 3 days of volatility risk is 259,200 seconds slower than an Xrapid transaction ,

    So my question is , if an Xrapid transaction goes through the repositories of value , ensuring anti money laundering rules and kyc checks for both inbound and out bound transactions which is been
    regulated , why won’t the banks use it ?

    The bitcoin maximalist out there , will only tell you , let’s take down the government , be your own bank , which has been a norm today , To me the banks are here to stay neither are they going away tomorrow , the main point of Ripple was to connect to the repositories of value , the blockchain of bitcoin holds just 65 billion dollars compared to the repositories of the banks which has an order of magnitude in many , many trillions .

    The blockchain revolution won’t happen from outside the system , it’s going to happen within the system