• i think im going into a depression again, i know the people in my life that are making me cry in class everyday and become "depressed" again, making my life harder, and im not gonna cut them out yet (and i understand but i just dont listen). but my problem is i started cutting, its like an addiction. i was so desperate today i took out my own earing to do the deed. advise?

  • Try to digest the fact that in this world you have only You. No matter what happens it will always be only You. You have to live with yourself till you die. Try to understand that your insecurities and everything that's causing that problem is not as big as you think it is. And most importantly if you harm yourself in anyway it will only be you who feels it. So be good to yourself first. Be selfish!

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    There this girl in our neighbourhood who also was in depression and cutting herself. Few months ago she jumped of from her school building. She thought she would die, but she didn't. Now she's bedridden for the rest of her life, and guess who she has to live with for the rest of her life, her dad and step mom who caused her depression in the first place. If only she had waited few years till she was independent, she might had different outcome. Time heals all wounds. Know that you will never have the same issue or be in the same house/school forever. Just don't make stupid decisions that will bind you forever with the people you hate.

  • And I would also add if you can't cut off those people and they are still really mean, then explode. Don't cut them off but give them the same energy. Don't even think of how rude you sound. Or how u might sound. Just be fucking rude to them. They will run away or change. And in both events its your win coz you can always blame them for leaving. Plus that attitude might make you stronger in the future

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    @kristina-willis I like to share this song ... listen to the words. You will get through this.

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    U won't feel better if u wouldn't cut out toxic people irl. Sometimes it's ok to be selfish and think about yourself.

  • @kristina-willis take the remote of your life in your own hand . If possible start writing diary or yoga , develop a hobby on things which you're really passionate about and before sleeping do remember to hear some amazing music . You can't change the world but you can change yourself 🙂

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    @kristina-willis try to write down the negative thoughts and feelings

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    @Livetodie @kristina-willis Having some-one around yourself, worthy enough, to hold your back, makes it a lot easier to overcome situations like these.. A close friend of mine reminded me again today, "time heals it all. You will get used to the feeling and start seeing what went wrong. You are never going to forget what happened but this is also going to make you a better person. The stronger the cause, the longer it's going to take so as to heal. So, don't lose hope already. Concentrate on the things you are good at. I am sure it's going to help, slowly but surely."

  • @kristina-willis I wish I have good english to tell u to dm me your problems and reasons for what made you do that ? But if its related to people in ur life I advice you to focus on urself first by wchich i mean to take a break from any social interaction for like a month , stay away and do things your way , believe me and trust me on that , SOLITUDE IS THE CURE OF THE SOUL AND THE REST FOR THE HEART AND THE GATE FOR THE MIND . Just do that and tell me the result in dm after 1 month .

  • If you don't want that persons out of your life I understand, but start treat them with indifference. Don't give them reasons to be upset and try not to think too much about what they say. About hurting yourself i don't know what to say, my motto always been "Do no harm" and that includes myself. To break that addiction probably you can start doing something to relax you or an activity that you enjoy.

  • @kristina-willis make sure to aim for the artery.

  • Hi, I'm also in depression.. kinda struggling for awhile now. Your are cutting while mine is hangging.. I just wish to end things.. its just hard.. I'm not strong enough in this world. I'm pretty much already hated myself.. its just not for me

  • @Livetodie im sorry to hear that.. use some of the comments as inspiration, it really helps to know people care. As a stranger to you , i love you and hope you get through it

  • Just don't give a damn. Live your life and avoid those bastards. You will be happy if you don't care about people who make fun of you. They will be there very state and you would be touching sky. Give respect to people deserve it like your parents there is nothing beautiful and loving then anyone.

  • How can I change myself? Everything was going fine then I started cutting again,fuck school,fuck homework,fuck lfe,fuck evrything,I hate myself,I hate everyone,I want to end my life.

  • @DaNii "Education: Certified retard"

    --- indeed, stfu

  • Ah yes, another girl fight!

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