It's 2 A.M ok cut me some slack i'm just thinking (audio below)

  • So tell me why
    You think it’s okay
    To do the same old crap again
    Can’t you get it through that thick skull
    Of yours at all
    You’re defining insanity now
    But yet I’m not always right
    And you’re not always wrong
    But you seem to be always right
    At the most wrong times
    It’s always on my mind
    About how much
    This is such a fail
    I keep making myself miserable
    By failing at falling for you
    The number of chances
    I’ve given you
    The number of lies
    You have told me
    Is unholy
    I wish you’d stop
    But no, you cannot
    How many more times
    Will you break a heart
    Will you tear a girl apart
    Will you leave us alone
    Will you leave a scar?