• I just can’t get her laugh her smiles
    Her cry her anger her stubbornness
    Her hug her kiss her love her care her
    Beautiful long black hair her love handles her chubby cheeks her pointy nose her lips her touch her way of looking at me her way of knowing me better than I knew myself her love her love her her her her

    I say her name and it sounds peaceful to me it makes my body feel at peace it makes me feel safe I wish I could just see you once again even if you didn’t wanna see me I knew where she was i would just discreetly go have my last glance and let her live her life I wish I knew what I know now shit we all wish that but I would give my life up just to have one full day to spend with her and I don’t metaphorically mean that i literally mean that if I had to sign a contact that said I will be shot in the head after the 24hrs i would’ve signed it without a second to even think about it

    But that day would be spent Making you feel like the queen you are but never treated as when I had you love stories akways suck someone dies or they get separated or he fucks it all up and cries about it like a bitch for 4yrs and lol she spends 2yrs forgiving him and gives him a second chance and he fucks it all up again and laughs and says oh you trust me I’m a idiot who doesn’t know how to stop doing drugs i love drugs more but now drugs broke up with me too so fuck please come back