• In the Covid-19 pandemic situation, I will make a music project involving anyone (around the world) who wants to participate. The system is like I will provide music and lyrics, then participants sing the song in front of the smartphone and then the video please send it to the email that I will give later. I will wait for participants for 2 weeks. After the videos are collected, I will edit them into collaboration videos with friends all over the world.

    NB: This video is not for commercial use or for personal gain. If this video appears on YouTube or any social media I will not activate Monetize.

    That is all and thank you. Greetings from Indonesia.

  • ABOOBS Chocolate Lovers ;) Soul Searchers SEEKERS

    @Anarga-Manoppo well i can help if you want

  • @Anarga-Manoppo I don't think using smartphone will produce a high quality plus clear audio track. Tell me which app should I choose to improve it, to change the bit rate and the file format.

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