My wife may be cheating on me. Found pictures.

  • 28 year old make here.

    Basically my wife went of out state with her mother and father to visit her sick grandmother. They left a few nights ago. I went to watch Netflix on her ipad and found pictures of her and a guy she used to work with and selfies she took of her self that I hope she hasn't been sending him. I only saw those few picture but there is much more that I'm scared to see.

    What do I do? I need to know the truth and can't argue with her without knowing anything while she is with her family.

    All advice is welcome.

    Please. I need help.

  • Just look up everything. You are already in shit. Better to die knowingly than not know. Be reasonable studying the clues. And give her time to explain

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    @Jon-Trevlin somehow I believe, the best way to make things clear is conversation. Have a conversation with her.if you won't ask, these things will keep coming in your head again and again and will make you start overthinking, so I believe you should have a conversation with her, just be patient and ask in a normally behavior ( don't be rude ) that's what I believe, rest is your choice.

    Good luck

  • @newuser thank you it's just hard because she is gone for so long and I would rather have that conversation in person.

  • @Alireza-iran I see what you mean. I'm just scared of what I might find. Scared to see anything alone and I can't talk to family or friends about it because they are her family and friends too.

  • I had a personal case I found Google photos in a woman's phone and later 6 months we found out she was cheating her husband

  • @Jon-Trevlin it's just a pic, and whats wrong to take a selfies with a fellow work mate? it will not explain much, may be u are making assumption?? Yeah first u need to trust yourself so that you can trust all around you specially with your soul mate.. Also why did you open her computer without her knowledge ?? And please don't tell me that you don't have your own computer ?