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    Every director, writer wants to spice up an older story, but when does it become too much? When did spiderman start to make his own webbing from his body? It was always cartridge that he made in the lab, for different missions. That was his weakness, running out of webbing. When did Joker ever killed Batman's parents? OMG, joker and Batman were originally almost the same age. Too many adaptations seems to be used for shock now days in hollywood, more then expanding a great character or story. What do you all think?fat-spiderman-656006563.png

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    @AXES If you are a true fan of original stories I can see Hollywood messing up a beloved story. To me I just try to enjoy films for what they are. I tend to not get bothered by too many details and if I want the real story I will read.

  • @AXES Stray too far from the source material will ruin a great story. It can make a plot difficult to follow and a character difficult to understand. People who prefer movies over books just prefer movies in general. That's their personal taste and no one has anything against it.

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    I mean it’s completely subjective and depends on the actual adaptation, there are plenty of adaptations that aren’t worth your money or time, but there are also deviations from source material that can be good as long as it has the essence of the character, for example the Sam Raimi Spider-man you mentioned as it wasn't too bad as the essence of Spider-man was there or Heath Ledgers Joker in The Dark Knight, etc. I could carry on naming film characters, but you get the point but as I said it depends on the franchise and was the director handles the story, but it's a completely subjective thing.

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    Yeah you are right. I loved how they followed Lord of the Rings trilogy almost exact like the 3 books, but, how did they get 3 movies from 1 book of HOBBIT.. so much was just made up by the director and such. It was good, but, in some ways, it discrespects the original fans and the original writer.

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    @kaia_ you so right.. everyone has different taste.. makes the world more exciting I guess. Good advice.

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    @Jakeee you know what is also werid, it is happening even in games.. Castlevania has been totally redone different and silent hill also. I almost thought they did it to Gods of War, the new one you told me about, but they saved it by bringing back the old Kratos at the middle. I guess, it brings in new excitment to an old francise..

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