Will it be over

  • Under the deep sea. how does one breathe underwater?
    Yes, we could have the gear to swim underwater.
    Still, we take baths and go under the bubbles.
    in this short time, we fill our lungs with water.
    Stange how death goes in a blink of an eye.
    A lost feeling. Not noticing how many we can affect.
    Gasp for air. Holding your hands on the chest that's heart slowly came back. Glad you made it huh?. Yeah, death is a regret. No, my poetry and stories I share are not real they just open minds to understand life is more than we know. I don't want anyone to feel as if I have done this or anything to die.
    Do not use my stories to feel as if you should hurt yourself or someone else. I do not mind sharing my stories. Some bring back memories of real moments in my own life. Take my stories as hope.

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