• :confounded: Must life give humans new hope.
    Why ask so many questions when we know the answer.
    Why do men have such strength? Why do women work so hard?. Doing what we can to ask questions. FBI agents have done the work. Fbi takes photos so remember what happened. Yet with evidence a runaway hostage.
    A little girl with a family had been taken in for questioning.
    They say insistence. The girl lost her father a positive man a strong man. With only her mom working a day job only getting paid a small amount. Now as you read this Think about your family. Think about how much you would miss them. Anything can happen at any time. We trust the pandemic to be over in a year or two. Lost way too much.
    Seeing numbers on a tv screen. Hearing the number of deaths on a radio. Still with this little girl with her mom... fighting for the right. Victims still need to tell their stories.
    Give a truth about what goes on with online chats. Getting questioned over a mistake. Hostage for runaway protection.
    You may not understand this post sorry. I thought about people who lost jobs... Homes... victims... How we girls and boys want the world to be. We may not all be great at everything but we try. We may not be smart ... but we try. We lose family or friends mostly all the time. Give those a chance to tell their side of the story. Ask the right questions. Stay safe stay close with family.