• I have seen everything can someone help me destroy the Earth?

  • @Sophia-Kets How about no, Imma just gonna go and rebuild it with a fully built lego millennium falcon.

  • @Sophia-Kets I have an idea. We need to create a catastrophic event to disrupt planetary system. If Earth approaches the Asteroid Belt, and asteroids pull in to the giant, some might be slingshot to other parts of solar system, potentially impacting with tremendous force. With the right stimulus, Earth can crash into another planet. How's that? Hope you are good at math and physics, because I don't know how to calculate the energy needed and where to get it.

  • @Sophia-Kets It's been a while. Done yet with the numbers? Don't forget that before gravity pull the pieces back together, we must blast them apart. Perhaps, firstly you need to summarise some of the most complex interactions in the universe by writing down a few numbers, of course in the right order.. Okay, I'll wait.

  • @Amen-0 ok u can pray for whoever u like, but whats the meaning of this fb link?

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