• Pain

    Does pain turn people away
    from their God? If so, how?
    Pain can turn anyone away
    from just about anything. Pain is
    capable of causing you to do
    things you would never consider
    doing, such as blaming God for
    your unhappiness.

    Pain . . . such a simple word,
    but so packed with meaning. I
    have come to learn that pain is
    the strongest emotion one can feel. Unlike every other emotion,
    it’s the only one every human
    being is guaranteed to feel at
    some point in their life, and there
    is no upside to pain, no positive
    aspect that can make you look at
    it from a different perspective . . .
    there’s only the overwhelming
    sensation of pain itself. Lately
    I’ve become very well acquainted
    with pain—the ache has become
    nearly unbearable. Sometimes
    when I’m alone, which is more
    often than not as of recently, I
    find myself trying to decide which
    type of pain is worse. The answer
    isn’t as simple as I thought it
    would be. The slow and steady- aching pain, the type of pain that
    comes when you’ve been hurt
    repeatedly by the same person,
    yet here you are, here I am,
    allowing the pain to continue . . .
    it never ends.
    Only in those rare moments
    when he pulls me to his chest and
    makes promises that he never
    seems able to keep does the pain
    disappear. Just as I get used to
    the freedom, my freedom from my
    self-inflicted pain, it returns with
    another blow. I have decided that the hot,
    burning, inescapable pain is the
    worst. This pain comes when you
    finally begin to relax, you finally
    breathe, thinking that some issue
    is yesterday’s problem, when in
    fact it’s today’s problem,
    tomorrow’s problem, and the
    problem of every day after that.
    This pain comes when you pour
    everything into something, into
    someone, and they betray you so
    completely—so seemingly on a
    whim—that the pain crushes you
    and you feel as if you’re barely
    breathing, barely holding on to
    that small fraction of whatever is
    left inside of you begging you to go on, to not give up.

  • @lost_illusion19 "Wound is the place where the light enters"-Rumi
    Without them we are very much lacking a soul :)