A complicated night

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    Sitting on the most memorable cliffs, Edward stared into the endless sea. As cold as the night was, Edward was not going to skip his routine. The bright moonlight added more beauty to the face of Bella. With Edward’s coat around her, she didn’t feel comfortable until Edward wrapped his arm around her sending a wave of euphoria across her body. Yet it still didn’t help her muscles to slacken.
    “Spill out what you are holding back in your heart”, Edward said staring into Bella’s eyes. He witnessed a spark in her eyes which disappeared as soon as it appeared.
    “I have nothing to hold back”, said Bella.
    “Everybody has something in their heart which they hold back. It eats them up from the inside”, said Edward with a longing look into the night sky. Bella couldn’t resist this side of Edward. Suddenly she exploded, taking many of the blames of occurrences of her life on herself. Edward took each of the blame as a punch to his heart. When Bella finished, Edward grinned with the corner of his mouth,
    “Bella, this world is made for your betterment. Each and every thing, whether good or bad, occurs to make you stronger, to keep you fighting and make you the lovely person you are today.”
    “It’s all lies!”, shouted Bella. Edward knew that convincing her is near impossible. After a long thought, Edward recited something. Something so beautiful, so unique in its own language. Even though Bella didn’t understand it softened her heart. Her muscles relaxed and she sighed. After Edward finished, He smiled at her with his unresisting smile.
    Bella burst into tears. Edward pulled his other half closer to him
    “Your welcome”, he said. He kissed her on her head as they drifted into sleep cuddled together.

  • @Rissa_TheBest Thanks alot for the kind words

  • @someonefromGB This is so beautifully written. Tells me about how a good understanding between two people can do good to both of them and make everyday their one of the loveliest days in life .

  • @Ash005 😊😊 makes my day with those kind words of yours. thank you

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    @someonefromGB oh my god... 😊😊 speechless.. you are so sweet, and poetic.. but gosh I'm blushing🤗🤗🤗

  • LurkersForLife

    @someonefromGB your welcome 😊

  • @someonefromGB glad to hear that u find it that good . U r welcome

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